What are your 3 words?

Dear One:

I did a little life tweak last week that I’m finding quite powerful…

I found 3 words to help steer me towards my best life.

The first step in doing this was to do a review of the way I was showing up in the main areas of my life. I then connected to the qualities I deeply WANTED to feel in those different areas of my life.

For example, I looked at a major work project and realized I had been letting fear take the driver’s seat. I was feeling anxious, flat, and scattered around it.

When I envisioned how I wanted to feel in this area of my life, I felt myself energized, focused, creative, and at ease.

As I connected to what I yearned to feel in the different areas of my life (relationships, career, self-connection, service, etc), many of my life values came up, like love, presence, freedom, peace, power, connection, playfulness, integrity, curiosity, generosity, vitality, and appreciation.

Compared to what energy I was actually experiencing right now in the different areas, it became clear where I was most getting off-track from feeling fulfilled.

So, what I did was choose 3 qualities I felt would be the best medicine in getting me back into alignment at this particular juncture in my life.

The 3 words I came up with were:    RELAXED    ALIVE       DELIBERATE

Since then, I have had these 3 words coming up on my phone (via the Reminders app) five times a day for the last week. Every time I see this reminder pop up, I stop for a split-second and evaluate (gently & lovingly) where I’m at in this moment with each of these qualities. I then take a second to breathe into these 3 energies and adjust my next actions accordingly.

And man, I’ve been feeling a lovely shift from this simple exercise. These 3 words have served as a compass leading me back to what I want to be and experience in my life.

Your turn!

Here are the steps to get you hooked up with YOUR 3 qualities…

1. Review how you’ve been showing up in some of the major areas of your life (ie. family, health, career, social circle, etc.) and then envision how you long to be in these areas.

If you’d like help in this review, I’ve created this quick visualization (it runs around 8 minutes) to take you through it. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

2. Write down the findings from your review.

3. From the list of qualities you desire to experience in each life area, choose the 3 qualities that call the strongest to you in your heart/gut at this particular time.

4. For the next two weeks, commit to tuning into those 3 words/feelings several times a day. If setting up reminders on your phone doesn’t work for you, try putting post-it notes with your 3 qualities up in your environments. Each time you glance at a post-it, STOP to take stock, breathe into these qualities, and shift your next steps.

This is such an easy but powerful step in creating a life you love, so no excuses… Join me in this experiment!




P.S. I’d love to hear what your 3 words are! Email me and share them with me.

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