A Quick Ritual to Close the Year

Beautiful Being!

Only two days left in 2018 and I’m giving my head a shake wondering where the hell the year has gone!

For me, it’s been a very full year. Some of the pieces that resonate strongly from my 2018…

  • Getting to be a student again taking part in an intensive business development program
  • The loss of my beloved fur kid Lola
  • Leading a group on a stupendous Soul Journey to Egypt
  • The 10th anniversary gala for our group Animal Justice
  • Some wondrous back-country camping trips
  • All my beautiful coachees and Life Rebooters
  • A magical trip to Romania with my bro
  • Making a deeper commitment to meditation to help navigate some rising anxiety levels
  • A reunion with folks I launched a television station with in Edmonton 20 years ago
  • Getting a shout-out in Parliament (check it out below!)

Now, I had some idea of how rich this year was for me, but it wasn’t until I did my regular year-end ritual today that I really got it.

This ritual is simple… I go through my calendar from the past year to help jog my memory about how the year unfolded and I make three lists:

1. Triumphs/Joys/Achievements
2. Challenges/Loss/Pain
3. What I Learned/How I Grew

As I add items to the lists, I take the time to breath into the feeling of each one and, in a small way, relive it.

You see, we’re often so busy managing this thing called life each year that we don’t always get a full chance to appreciate the lessons learnt, to process the pain, or to savor the joys. We can end up just mindlessly barrelling into the next year…which can lead to us mindlessly barrelling through a lifetime.

The turning of the calendar is a great cue to stop and ABSORB our life. This ritual is not only a simple but profound way to honor a year of precious life, but also a way to launch the year ahead from a more conscious and grounded place.

Give it a try…I think you might be surprised by all this past year still holds for you.

And sharing a few things from that list with another makes it even more powerful. I invite you to come to my Facebook page and share some joys, challenges, and lessons from 2018 with me there!

Here’s to a year LIVED, Precious One! Happy New Year.

P.S. If you’re in Toronto, check out my Word of the Year workshops in January (more below)! This intimate (10 people max) one-night workshop has become a fave annual tradition for my community. It’s just the BEST way to consciously kick off the new year. 




What word is most calling to you from 2019?

Play? Surrender? Fire? Ease? Vibrant? Fuck-it? Focus? Love?

In the “Word of the Year” workshop, you’ll mine 2018 for its best gifts and lessons, do a ritual to release what no longer serves you from this past year, get clear on what you are truly longing for in 2019, uncover your word/energy of the year, and use various tools to energize the quality and practically weave it into your year ahead!

– mine 2018 for its best gifts and lessons
– do a ritual to release what you DON’T want to take into the New Year
– get clear on what you are truly longing for in 2019
– uncover your specific word/energy of the year
– use various tools to energize the quality and tangibly weave it into your year ahead!

Cost for evening workshop: $40

Jan. 9 & Jan. 15, 2019 – 7-10pm – TORONTO




 See Word of the Year description above. These workshops are reserved from grads of my programs. These two grad circles will be open to one guest per grad as well

Cost for evening workshop: $40 per person

Jan. 8 & Jan. 16 – 7-10pm – TORONTO 



Parliament screenshot


A few weeks ago I got mentioned in the House of Commons (for the Americans, this is like the House of Representatives) by Member of Parliament Julie Dabrusin for my work with one of my beloved groups…Animal Justice.

For this political nerd, it was quite the awesome way to wind down 2018!

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