Coaching & Programs

Grow the vitality, productivity, and true power to make you an even brighter light in the world.

You're passionate about making the world a better place. And as a leader, activist, entrepreneur, healer, educator, or other kind of change agent, you're well-poised to do just that.

But being a changemaker can come with a whole set of challenges…never being able to get the mountain of work done, compassion fatigue, confusion about what to tackle next, feeling isolated, not getting enough joy in your life, and lack of self-care.

And then there are the self-defeating habits, challenging relationships, and past unhealed hurts that come with simply being human.

Well, I can tell you from my own journey and hundreds of my coachees and students’ journeys… when you’re miserable, scattered, or depleted, your good work inevitably suffers.

I’m here to change that.

In order to be an effective changemaker with longevity, we need to strengthen your body, optimize your mind, nurture your heart, and feed your spirit.

With over 10 years as a coach and 15 years as a leader for change, I will guide you through the transformative inner work and creating the high performance habits and strategies to take you and your mission next level.

The work we do together will be both deep and pragmatic (and even kinda fun)…with practical tools, experiential healing, and actionable gameplans to have you showing up in a more inspired, bold way.

If you’re ready, I’m going to help you cultivate the vitality, focus, peace, and true power to build a remarkable life and a better world.

Here are the different ways you can work with me…

Looking for a quick hit to power you up?

The Shift Session is a power coaching experience to tackle a particular challenge or activate a specific goal in your life or work.

In this 90-minute session, you’ll be taken through a breakthrough process around you and your mission that is both inspiring and actionable. You’ll leave with a strategy for next steps and customized tools.

Expert mentoring and support to take you and your important work to the next level…

Changemaker Breakthrough 3-Month Coaching Package will help you create significant energetic shifts, develop an action plan, and get innovative day-to-day strategies to power up you and your big-hearted dreams.

Bi-weekly 75-minute private coaching sessions, plus email check-ins, and a Changemaker Meditation & Visualization Tool-Kit.

kimberly carroll life reboot

Want to make the biggest transformation in the shortest amount of time?

The Life Reboot Program is a 49-day intensive to seriously transform your life and the world around you. My most immersive program available… Every day for 7 weeks, we’ll be working one-on-one to overhaul your inner and outer world.

This personal growth adventure combines innovative, powerful, and fun DAILY audio workshops and email support with intimate and exhilarating WEEKLY one-on-one coaching sessions. You’ll get the personalized on-going support, motivation, and tools to change your life and begin more effectively changing the world.

Building you into the most empowered and effective changemaker possible...

Changemakers Ignite is an 8-week online program that takes you through the transformative inner work and equips you with the high performance habits and strategies to make you and your mission unstoppable.

Ground-breaking daily curriculum, a vibrant community, and an innovative blueprint to be able to become a powerful and sustainable force in the world.