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Empowering Changemakers

I’m a coach for those who want to create a remarkable life and a better world.

With loving ferocity and lots of laughs, I help mission-driven entrepreneurs, activists, leaders, healers, influencers, and educators make the inner shifts and create the high performance habits and strategies to make them unstoppable.

I’m also an activist passionate about animal protection, the environment, and social justice. I can talk on tough topics with a sense of humor, lots of heart, and inspiration for action.

Where Kimberly’s been featured…​

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I love bringing my expertise in creating change and building empowered changemakers to television, podcasts, video series, and articles/guest posts

With a loving, cheeky vibe and innovative exercises and tools, I inspire and activate those who want to make a bigger difference.

I’ve been featured as a coach in places like Best Health Magazine, The Globe and Mail, Comedy Network, CBC Radio, and Global News.

Doing media and interviews is like coming home for me because I spent a lot of my adult life working as a television (and sometimes radio) host, arts & entertainment report, and producer on shows ranging from the popular comedic design show “Take This House and Sell It!” on W Network and WE TV to “E Now” on CTV to “Definitely Not the Opera” on CBC Radio. My background in acting, sketch comedy, music, and improv also doesn’t hurt in making me pretty quick on my feet.

I deliver captivating and actionable content in a way that’s down-to-earth, soulful, and fun.

Popular Topics

Please contact me to discuss media possibilities.


Kimberly Carroll speaking

I do talks, workshops, or participate on panels that help big-hearted go-getters fire up their vitality, productivity, and true power.

With a strategic and soulful approach, interactive style, practical tools, and a little rowdiness, these talks take changemakers and their mission to the next level.

Examples of Talks

Ignite Yourself, Light the World – How to cultivate the vitality, grace, and true power to be an inspiring and persevering leader for change.

Turning Around Compassion Fatigue – How to deal with the pain of caring deeply in this aching world. Turn desperation into inspiration by establishing the mindset and habits that will most effectively fuel you and your actions to make a bigger difference.

Stop Battling, Start Bridge-Building – Dissolving judgement, reframing everyone as a potential ally, and working from a place of connection as opposed to “othering”.

Entrepreneurs on a Mission – The practices and routines you need to put in place to stay inspired and productive when trying to make the world a better place through your business.

Change the World Without Losing Your Shit – Concrete tools to deal with the overwhelm, anger, sadness, and exhaustion of trying to make a difference.

A World of Changemakers – It’s not that the general population doesn’t want to make the world a better place, it’s that they don’t know that they CAN make a difference. Here’s how to inspire and build new changemakers.

Soulful Activism – The cornerstones for being an empowered, loving, and motivating activist.

Self-Compassion for World Shifters – How bringing more love to yourself will make you a brighter light in the world. Inner practices and self-care strategies for cultivating grace, health, and true power, and grace, generous, and powered-up.

Joy is a Non-Negotiable for Changemakers – How joy is imperative to your mission and the bite-sized ways to start cultivating joy now.

Praise for Kimberly as a Speaker…

“Thank you for an awesome evening of inspiration & energy – you totally rocked. I’ve worked with many speakers over the past 3 years, and very few have been as delightful as you.”

Katia Millar

Founder & Chief Inspirational Officer, Positive Fabulous Women

“Thank-you for putting on such a wonderful and inspiring event. From start to finish your inner and outer radiance was quite remarkable to witness…  Your balance of great playful energy and a real down to earth wisdom really is a powerful combination that you rarely see”

Steve Flemming

Soul City Social Club

“At our campaign kick-off event Kimberly took our key messages and brought them to life with style. Not only did she make our speakers feel welcome and appreciated, she had the crowd fully engaged from beginning to end.  Kimberly was the number one reason our event was a big success. Bright, funny, passionate, and genuinely warm I would hire her in a heartbeat given the opportunity to do it again.”

Deb Gleason

One Change

“You are OUTSTANDING… wonderful, fun, delightful, lovely, loving, enthusiastic and just over the top generous! We had a fabulous time with you – truly Kimberly, you were just what we needed!

Hoffman Process International Conference

“Kimberly Carroll MC-ed our events in Ottawa and Toronto. She was absolutely brilliant. Kimberly really got the crowd going and helped to create an extremely positive atmosphere. The subject matter of our events was quite serious, but we really wanted people to go away feeling empowered to get involved. Without Kimberly there to create the right kind of environment, it would have been a real struggle. Kimberly’s energetic, confident and enthusiastic performance at our event really helped to make it the success that it was.”

Ellie Dickson

International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW)

“Kimberly Carroll IS the divine redhead! She immediately puts your soul at ease and a smile on your face. Her stage presence is fantastic; the audience loved her!

Total Woman Show

Contact me to discuss speaking or media possibilities.

5 steps to feel better and make more impact as a changemaker

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