Get ready for a personal growth intensive like no explore, center, and ignite you.

Kimberly Carroll life reboot

Soulful, practical, and a little rowdy, the Life Reboot is a groundbreaking and immersive experience to seriously shift your life and the world around you.

Because you want to look back from your rocking chair at the end of your life and say...I did that UP!”

You’re a dynamic person who has tonnes going for you, but you’ve got this aching feeling something’s missing… Maybe you’ve discovered all the things you were told would make you happy didn’t, and you’re searching for more meaning in your life. Or maybe the overwhelm of everyday life or a recent loss has dimmed that fire inside you and you’ve slipped into auto-pilot.

You’ve got the love and smarts to show up as a more powerful force in the world but instead you’re feeling stressed out, disconnected, or uninspired. Even though you’re really amazing at taking care of others, you’re doing a pretty shit job of being good to yourself. On top of that, most folks imagine you’ve got it all figured out, so you feel extra pressure to hide the pain you’re really feeling

You want a BREAKTHROUGH, personally or professionally, but you’re not sure how to get there. Maybe you’ve read self-help books, attended high performance workshops, done therapy, or had some inspiring experiences, but you haven’t quite been able to translate those concepts and that energy into your everyday life. All you know is there’s more to life than what you’re living and you suspect you haven’t even scratched the surface of the brilliance you’re capable of (or the depths of this life experience).

The Life Reboot is going to be your game-changer.

Imagine stepping into a powerful new chapter where you live from a place of inspiration instead of quiet desperation. A place of authenticity over programming.

You’ve gotten the key to unlock those nasty patterns you didn’t even realize had been driving your life since you were a kid and you’ve done some deep healing and lightening of the load you’ve been carrying. You finally feel free and ALIVE. Instead of being your own worst enemy, you’ve become your own best ally.

You have all sorts of cool stuff going on in your life but have built the space and nourishing routines into it that leave you feeling relaxed, fresh, and centered. Your health and vitality expand as you connect more deeply to your body and true nature. There’s lots of love in your life as you cultivate deeper, more satisfying relationships with others and your sweet self.

You’ve unleashed power you didn’t even know you had and you’re using it to light UP your big dreams. Your creativity flows and you laugh way more. With clarity, confidence, and compassion you tap into your unique gifts to make a difference in the world.

You put specific and tangible next steps in place and start getting your momentum and mojo back!

You’re feeling more revitalized, focused, and inspired than you have in a long while. And because every aspect of who you are affects how you show up in the world, this fresh energy helps you make a bigger difference in what’s important to you.

You can live a more fulfilling and inspired life, and the Life Reboot will get you there.

Hello Dearest, I'm Kimberly.

I’m a coach for passionate go-getters who want to create a remarkable life and a better world. I help you do the deep inner work and build the habits for joy, peace, and true power.

The Life Reboot Program is a 7-week body/mind/spirit adventure that combines innovative, powerful, and fun DAILY CURRICULUM with intimate and exhilarating WEEKLY ONE-ON-ONE COACHING SESSIONS. You’ll get the personalized on-going support, motivation, and love to change your life and start changing the world.

Think of this as your own 7-week personal revolution!

Kimberly Carroll, lady wearing pink shirt smiling in city

Through the Life Reboot you'll:

Want to hear it right from the coach's mouth?

* I mention the Life Reboot GROUP program in this video, so you’ll have to imagine what I’m saying PLUS the extraordinary experience of a highly personalized one-on-one journey.

What you get with the Life Reboot Program:

Insta-support! Empowering coaching sessions, daily support, and a multi-layered system for creating serious changes in your life.

With just the right mix of loving support and kick-ass motivation, I guide you every step of the way in this journey to clear out the crap and jump-start your life.

Not only will you be getting EIGHT 75-minute breakthrough coaching sessions, but a powerful DAILY program that uses your own life as your classroom. For each of the program’s 49 days I will connect with you and give you your marching orders via morning audio mini-workshops and program workbook.

My program coachees especially love my morning audios because they’re loaded with potent meditations and visualizations, hearty lessons, and saucy inspiration to get you centered and charged up for the day ahead.

Exploring and activating all corners of your life.

Each day of the program has a theme – from busting through stress and anxiety to healing difficult relationships to activating your purpose and passion – with inventive, fun, and compelling exercises to explore that theme. Then, each week has an over-arching theme – from Power Week to Awareness Week to Love Week – with every week carefully crafted to be a vital layer of foundation for a remarkable life.

On average, you will need to commit a minimum of 30 minutes per day to the program work, but if you are somebody who likes to delve deeper, there are always options to do more. Some of the tools used in the program include mindfulness practices, experiential visualizations, art therapy, nature connection, physical cathartic work, music, humor and play.

Rich, active weekly coaching sessions to bring it all home.

The daily work of the program is anchored by eight centering and exhilarating weekly one-on-one coaching sessions either in-person at my charming space in Toronto (located 5 minutes from Christie Station subway) or via Skype or phone.

In our weekly sessions, we’ll take the program week to a whole new level with exploratory or healing exercises, laser coaching, meditation, life strategizing, deep guided journeys to create energetic shifts, and lots of laughter and celebration. Each session is like a mini-retreat for your body, mind, and spirit – both relaxing and exhilarating.

Inspiration meets action.

You’ll do deep, profound work, but you’ll also have a lot of fun doing it. There are fascinating concepts to explore and complex aspects of self to uncover, but a big emphasis is also put on real-life applications and practical action steps.

The Life Reboot Program uses an innovative combination of ideas and tools rooted in ancient tradition and modern, science-based methodologies. I take an experiential and holistic approach to self-growth, so there will be more doing than talking.

Through the journey you’ll be encouraged to bring to the table exactly who you are (including the messy stuff!) and exactly where you’re at because this is the richest place to work from.

If you’re willing to come to the program with a sense of curiosity and you do the work, your life will change…I’ve seen it happen hundreds of times before. Click here to learn more about my approach and background as a coach.

It’s time to stop going it alone.

Have you yearned to make some big shifts in your life, but you don’t know where to start? Or do you find your best-laid intentions keep going by the wayside?

Imagine having a solid program system to drive those shifts and a skilled coach to coax out the best in you. I’ll be there to guide you, keep you accountable, collaborate with, and support you through this powerful journey.

Pushing your edge into a new empowered chapter.

You need to know that the Life Reboot isn’t a walk in the park. It will challenge you and stretch you, BUT it will also be loads of fun and I’ll be there every step of the way taking really good care of you. And at the end of the 7 weeks, you will emerge truly changed with a new sense of meaning, momentum, love, and power.

Plus, you’ll be all set up to begin your new chapter with a life strategy in place and a daily routine to keep you centered and ignited.

You’ll also become part of my grad community and get access to regular grad workshops and first access to all my new materials.


Magazine writer Anne Bokma recently did my Life Reboot Group Program as part of her “My Year of Living Spiritually” series.

Read about the Life Reboot through her eyes:  Meeting My Soul Coach

Breakdown of the Life Reboot Program:

Session 1: The Launch!

1. AWARENESS WEEK (Waking the Hell Up!)

  • creating space and breathing room in your life
  • assessing where you are personally & professionally versus where you want to be
  • decluttering your life
    learning to be present (mindfulness)
  • reconnecting to and listening to your body
  • recognizing & activating your true life priorities
  • uncovering the beliefs fueling you

Session 2: Your Life Timeline

2. CONNECT WEEK (Wading In)

  • uncovering the core wounds keeping you stuck and their origins
  • releasing toxic beliefs and patterns
  • learning to deal with pain
  • letting go of victim-thinking
  • finding peace with your parents
  • radical acceptance: empowering your past

Session 3: Deep Healing Process

3. TRANSFORM WEEK (Let’s set this thing on FIRE!)

  • breaking free – tools for getting unstuck
  • shaking up your life & taking risks
  • your sexual revolution
  • discovering and working with your “shadow self”
  • overcoming fears
  • retrieving your lost self

Session 4: Breakthrough Process

4. LOVE WEEK (Light Me Up)

  • self-acceptance – becoming your own best ally
  • deepening your relationships
  • tools for self-love
  • the power of appreciation
  • body acceptance
  • opening to receive love
  • practicing self-care and the art of saying “no”

Session 5: Relationships Process

5. POWER WEEK (I’ve Got The…)

  • breaking through stress and anxiety
  • daring to be unique and remarkable
  • tapping into the power of nature
  • cultivating joy
    using failure as fuel
  • exploring universal energy
  • using your body to change your state

Session 6: Activating Your Most Powerful Self

6. CREATE WEEK (Designing the Life You Love)

  • visioning & designing your future gameplan
  • sparking creativity
  • socially conscious living
  • activating purpose and creating a mission statement
  • establishing your authentic style
  • service in action
  • saying YES to life

Session 7: Your Next Chapter Gameplan

7. GROUNDING WEEK (Maintaining Your Magnificence)

  • developing your own custom daily body/mind/spirit routine
  • meditative techniques
  • tools to shift your energy
  • setting intentions and energizing your day
  • inner wisdom practices
  • putting accountability into place
  • kicking off the Soul Practice Challenge

Workshop 8: Closing Quest

What the program includes:

You’ll come out of the Life Reboot feeling more free, centered, and ready to be a powerful force in your corner of the world.


Pay In Full - Best Value

$ 2995 CA
  • $2195 USD | Includes all taxes


$ 500 CA
  • $375 USD | Includes all taxes


  • Step 1

    Contact me if you're interested in the program.

  • Step 2

    We'll connect via phone to make sure the program is a good fit for you. If it is, you'll make a payment for registration and we'll schedule your program start date and session times.

  • Step 3

    Get ready to experience the best gift you've ever given yourself.

If you’re ready to create the life you love, the Life Reboot Program is waiting for you… I can’t wait to have you aboard!!

Profoundly life changing

sean freedman

Kimberly’s Life Reboot Program helped me to take my personal and professional life to that next level. The entire experience was profoundly life changing. She put a lot of things into perspective and taught me a whole new set of skills. If you are contemplating making a a big change then this program is a must.

Sean Freedman, Account Manager

Kimberly’s a personal trainer for the soul

anne bokma, lady smiling with glasses

Kimberly’s a personal trainer for the soul. Instead of hoisting weights, she gets you doing some uplifting heavy lifting. She combines the warrior-like attitude of the Biblical Jael (who was known to hammer a tent peg through the skull of an enemy in battle) with the ethereal essence of a worldly-but-saintly, alabaster-skinned Mary Magdalene. She taught me how to cultivate a deeper, more loving relationship with myself and the value in developing a set of regular soulful practices that have helped to fortify me in my life.

Anne Bokma, Author of “My Year of Living Spiritually”

Such mental, physical, and emotional clarity

Miss Kimberly is the best life guide you could ever have. Going through this journey with Kimberly gave me such mental, physical, and emotional clarity about my life, myself, and everything around me. I am finally able to embrace who I am as a person in this world, I feel like I have more control of my life and what I do with it, and I no longer feel like such a ‘victim’. I am able to take responsibility for my actions and make sure above all else that the decisions I make bring ME happiness. Kimberly’s program has given me such confidence to simply be who I am and know that’s enough. With Kimberly’s guidance and awesome personality, a safe haven to come back to every week with each session, and being so blessed to meet an amazing group of strong and positive people, I can’t help but feel such gratitude for doing this. What an amazing gift to give yourself — especially me going into my 30’s this year — but the gift of putting yourself first and knowing you truly deserve it. So many people spread themselves thin and this journey will really put the right things for YOU in perspective. I fully encourage anyone looking to discover their potential and embrace the beauty of their inner selves to try this. Trust me, it WILL be a roller coaster but Kimberly will ensure you never get steered off track. Just remember to breathe, keep your arms up, and enjoy the ride.

Jonelle Arendoque, Creative Designer

You’ll laugh, cry and everything else in between

I was going through a rough patch with my mental health and I stumbled upon Kimberly. She’s the one who kept me inspired to be alive. The program is the best gift you can give yourself. You’ll laugh, cry and everything else in between. Kimberly will help guide you through with compassion, honesty, excitement and even a few friendly kicks in the ass (if necessary). Thank you, Kimberly. I truly believe in my heart that you’re a world changer.

Cody Andruchow

Renovated from the inside out

Dear dear Kimberly — What an incredible gift you gave me with your program. My life feels like it has been renovated from the inside out! I feel more open then ever to my life partner and feel re-energized and renewed for the next step of the journey. I was able to witness your extraordinary gifts as a teacher, leader and healer.

Barbara Burke, Hoffman Process Supervising Teacher & Creator of “I Am Divine” Cards

I was emotionally drained, physically depleted, and spiritually stuck

When I found Kimberly’s program (or it found me), I was emotionally drained, physically depleted, and spiritually stuck. It was affecting all aspects of my life but I didn’t know which direction to go to change it. I had never heard of Kimberly’s program and had no idea what to expect. I took the leap anyway. During the program, I was given tools to truly help me uncover and understand why I was feeling so chaotic, break it all down, and rebuild. After 34 years, I was actually learning things about myself (behavior, patterns, voids, barriers) that I had never knew existed. Kimberly was literally there every step of the way to guide, inspire, comfort, and motivate. She was truly the compass that pointed me in the right direction. No matter what your struggles, no matter what you are seeking in any area of your life, this workshop will be your beacon of light.

Christina Wahl, Toronto ON

The program has helped me understand why I am who I am


Taking the Life Reboot program has been one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. For a couple of years leading up to the Life Reboot Program I felt like my life was just going through the motions: work, social commitments, volunteer, eat, sleep, exercise, repeat. Life was looking great ‘on paper’, but I realized that it was missing a strong sense of purpose and meaning. To compensate this, I just kept my calendar (and mind) busy. The program has helped me understand why I am who I am today and has enabled me with lifelong tools to develop a practice to be my best self every day. My newfound presence (when I’m really living in the moment) has made me enjoy life more: things taste better, I work out harder/feel stronger, relationships have more meaning.

Angeline Ico, Project Manager

My work life has aligned in the most magnificent ways

Since I took your Life Reboot, my work life has aligned in the most magnificent ways. I now no longer have a day job, I own my own company and I’m making more cash than I have ever made in my life! So thank you from the bottom of my heart. Life is good.

Joyce Storey, Event Planner

This is not an easy journey and you will be tested

don macaulay

I recently received an incredible gift, the opportunity to be part of Kimberly’s program. I can sincerely say this program has enriched my life. Kimberly is an amazing guide, she will not push you down a path, but instead gently encourages you to find your way. This is not an easy journey and you will be tested, but the outcome is one of true personal gain. I would highly recommend Kimberly as the Coach for anyone looking to embrace their soul purpose.

Don Macaulay, Senior Sales Executive, Vancouver, BC

My life has magically blossomed

Kimberly, you are truly fabulous, generous and compassionate and your program has changed not only my life, but ME from inside out. When I came across your program, something inside me just instinctively knew I had to take it and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. I had come to a crossroads in my life where I knew something had to change. I was hanging on by a thread, my fire had died and I was simply exhausted getting out of bed every morning. Yet, my life looking in from the outside was great, but I just had no idea how to appreciate it, and was filled with a constant craving for something deeper and more fulfilling. I just had no idea what it was or how to get it. Little did I know that what I was craving was a deeper, more intimate connection to my Self. That Self whom I constantly denied and suppressed because I thought she was wrong for feeling the emotions she did. And this program gave me exactly that. You lovingly kicked our butts into tapping in to this Self and giving her the space and freedom to be, to breathe, to stomp her feet and rant and rave and ecstatically feel the entire range of emotions. And that is what has transformed my soul from inside out. I am a truer, more authentic me. And in the meantime as I threw myself wholeheartedly into this program and opened up to all parts of me, shadow and light, my life has magically also blossomed from the outside in, including my health, my relationships and my job. I now not only have everything I have ever wanted, but also regained the capacity to appreciate it fully and be in the moment fully present with all of it.

Stef C., Sales Professional / Yoga Teacher

Life evolved in ways I couldn’t have imagined


Kimberly has created a program that is a gift to all its attendees. She has so much loving, positive, sassy and intuitive energy that one can not help but be guided to achieve one’s intention. Having taken the course now for a second time around, I have found even more treasures in the tools that she provides. I am at a different point in my life than I was four years ago and so different ideas, practices and inspirations are more relevant to me now. I am excited to see how this refreshed foundation will affect my life moving forward. I found the last time around that my life evolved in ways I couldn’t have imagined. 

Irene Denver, Retiree & Activist

Tools I will use for the rest of my life

When I signed up for Kimberly Carroll’s program, I knew I wanted to live my life more fully instead of feeling like a spectator sitting on the sidelines watching while everyone else was in the game. I was tired of feeling out of sync with everything and almost everyone around me. I knew I was the only person who could change the way I was experiencing life but the problem was I didn’t know how to make the changes and in some cases, where to start. Quite simply, Kimberly’s program one of the best gifts I’ve ever given to myself. She is a fearless coach, gentle leader and compassionate soul who takes you through very practical approaches that you can apply to your life every day to see positive changes. I came away with tools I know I will use for the rest of my life. She has taught me different ways I can connect with my soul so that I can live in the present and create rather than react to a life happening around me. I am forever grateful for that gift and so grateful to know Kimberly personally. She is a bright light and a gift to everyone she meets.

Karen McClellan, TV Writer/Producer

One of the most positive experiences of my entire life!

As a chef and entrepreneur I was at a point where I did a lot, but I wasn’t actually there to appreciate it all, nor did I take the time to take care of myself. I was struggling with some perception of self worth and self value, something I think we all do, but especially those of us out in the arena kicking ass everyday!

With the encouragement of my wife and those in my life, I decided to take a Life Reboot course with my friend Kimberly Carroll earlier this year! What an experience it was. It forced me to delve deep to focus on underlying issues, and had me tackle things that most never do. I can honestly say it was one of the most positive experiences of my entire life! Not only am I 13lbs down with more to go, but I am fully here and taking the time to enjoy my life as it is, not worrying about things that might not ever happen!

Working with Kim has been an amazing experience. She has taught me the value of being present and open to life, love, business, myself and my family. Kim truly has something special that shines when she speaks, and it reflects back to you, and helps to make you the best you can be. I encourage anyone that is not truly present, that is not showing up each and everyday to speak to Kim, and consider taking her course. Whether you are struggling in life, love, business or anything, her course has the ability to help you in ways you did not think. 

Doug McNish, Executive Vegan Chef

Getting out of bed was accompanied by a deep sense of dread

Deepa Rajagoplan

When I met Kimberly for the first time, what struck me the most, was her intelligence. Despite the great reviews I read about Kimberly, I was worried if I would be able to connect with her at an intellectual level considering the esoteric nature of a lot of the content we were going to navigate. But she just welcomed me in with a warm hug and kind, intelligent eyes that I left my worries at the door. The seven weeks that followed were extraordinary.

Kimberly has an uncanny intuition and knows exactly what to say to whom based on her limited knowledge of our backgrounds. She lovingly nudged us in the direction we needed to go in. She really showed us where to look without telling us what to see.

I enjoyed the weekly workshops and the daily recordings equally. The workshops were intense and juicy and filled with activity that helped me really tune into myself, clear out some of the stuff that didn’t serve me, and make space for things I truly wanted. The group setting is amazing as there is a different level of accountability when you are in in as a group.

For most of last year, getting out of bed in the morning was accompanied by a deep sense of dread and purposelessness for me. During the 49 days of Kimberly’s program, I was up before the alarm so that I could start my day with Kimberly’s email, recording and marching orders.

Kimberly’s program helped me understand myself better and really let go of parts of my past that were holding me back. It helped me fine-tune my intuition that had become almost non-existent after years of ignoring it and sleep walking. It helped me truly appreciate my blessings, big and small, and revel in little moments of deep love. Most of all, I believe that Kimberly’s program brought me a sense of peace that allows me to take a step back and examine myself and my surroundings when things go terribly south.

Just as the program is meticulously planned and structured, Kimberly guided us to build and structure a post-program personal soul practice that will work best for us. I think this is incredibly important to assure that the beautiful shifts caused during the program are not lost.

Kimberly, I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. You truly go above and beyond and you are one of the most authentic, alive and vibrant personalities I have ever met.

Deepa Rajagopalan, IT Professional / Educator/ Business Owner

Lost more than 500 pounds mentally

Thanks to Kimberly’s daily guidance and vibrant energy…I lost over 8 pounds physically and more than 500 pounds mentally.

Nadine Beaupré, Banking Compliance Manager

To the heart of my hurts

Even though I’ve done my own coaching training, I found that I still had some things deep inside that needed some work. Kimberly’s program helped me get to the heart of my hurts to heal them.

Andrea Ivanka, Author of “Get UNSTUCK. 5 Steps to Freedom”

Incredibly insightful, creative and helpful

Kimberly is incredibly insightful, creative and helpful. I highly recommend her Life Reboot program.

Linda Bronfman, Toronto, ON

I found clarity on what I wanted to do next with my life

marcela cervantes

Kimberly’s program will transform you from within. I found clarity on what I wanted to do next with my life, and the answers came from learning how to pay attention to what my soul had to say rather than from “external” reasons. Kimberly is such a competent professional, but most of all she is a genuine and caring person who sincerely welcomes you to this program and walks by your side throughout the program.

Marcela Cervantes, Corporate Training Professional

The space she created was sacred

Austin Cronkite

Kimberly is a gifted Emotional Healer. She aided me in validating my emotions, not only ones on my mind all the time, but some old ones too that were stored in my subconscious memory. The space she created was sacred and brought us all into union of heart so we may share our mind and feelings. She always has a warm, cozy space, delicious vegan food, and a lovely smile that will make anyone’s heart feel like opening up.

Austin Cronkite, Toronto, ON

After every week I left feeling reborn

After some internal debate, I chose to do Kimberly’s Life Reboot Program. I was nervous and apprehensive about the process and the vulnerability of it all, but knew I was miserable in the space I was in. I wasn’t suffering in health per se, but I was suffering in the soul and I didn’t know what to do to change it. I tried psychotherapy for many years, yoga, meditation, you name it and all these attempts brought me mild relief. The Life Reboot Program blew the doors off of everything. It pushed me into areas of my life I had buried and forced me to face the demons that were holding me back. After every week I left feeling reborn and at the end I couldn’t believe how much I had changed in such a short amount of time. Even months after I still feel the positive effects from my active time in the program. I can now say I feel I fully embrace life and try to enjoy every moment. Kim is an amazing coach and the times when I felt I couldn’t go on, she was there with gentle guidance and pom poms cheering me on. I can’t thank her enough for giving me the courage and strength to reach out and take hold of the life I want.

Candice McNish, The Healthy Herbivore

Changed my life and perspective completely

Kimberly Carroll’s program changed my life and perspective completely. I was truly a lost soul looking for something to believe in when I walked into Kimberly’s program. I was uncertain if this was the direction I was meant to take, but I immediately realized that this program is just what I needed. The physical setting, the program’s exercises, and Kimberly’s guidance has taught me the importance of meditation, relaxation, and continuous self-evaluation. Since starting the course, I have grown to love who I am, as I am, shed life’s baggage, and embrace the changes that I have chosen to make through the course of this journey. Surprisingly so, I have had opportunities arise that I believe wouldn’t have transpired without Kimberly’s patience and guidance. P.S. Kimberly is quite positively the most amazing woman you will ever want to meet.  

Trina Stewart, President, Trina Stewart Consulting

Deeper self-love and exploring my purpose

The Life Reboot Program really powered me forward to work on deeper self-love and exploring my purpose. I learned how important it is to focus on my mind, body, and spirit and started me on my path to live an inspired life.

Trae R, IT Associate Director

Purpose and joy again

I was not in a good place and I knew that I needed my butt kicked and I knew that Kimberly was just the one to help me do it. I retired in 2012 and have been doing “nothing” since that time. I was on a big pity party with myself! Kimberly puts her heart and soul into this program, and she gives 100% (plus-plus) of herself to each and everyone of her participants. Her compassion, dedication and intuitive nature far exceeds any business values and practices that I know. After taking the program in 2011, I did make some good life changes. Now, after taking the program, I feel rejuvenated and see purpose and joy again; I am now looking at this retirement in a total different light. I will be making a lot of changes and I will be doing what I love, whether I make money or not. She also gave me the tools to feel, “I am enough” and to re-prioritize my ideal values, to start living them for myself and to take care of myself, before I was able to “be there” for anybody else. Kimberly takes you on a journey into yourself — a very gentle process, but nonetheless, very daunting by looking at the skeletons in your closet, but exhilarating to feel joy and purpose again. Kimberly is there for you all the way. She has the most beautiful visualizations/meditations and they are extremely heartfelt and real. Kimberly’s enthusiasm and her zest for life flows throughout the entire program. When I hear her voice, I feel energized and ready to live life and face it head on. I had a couple personal challenges while I was taking this program, and, with Kimberly’s gentle and caring guidance, I was able to confront and embrace them. Kimberly, you are a remarkable person, both professionally and personally! Thank you.

Janice McClelland, Retired from NS Provincial Government & now burgeoning Artist

I am standing tall with my arms stretched high

This is a very life-changing process and one that is only just getting started… The proverbial glass ceiling that has kept me crouched down, uncomfortable and hidden away has been smashed and I am standing tall with my arms stretched high — the sun in my eyes and a smile on a face. Anyone who says one person can’t change your world doesn’t know the right people.

Anthony Jensen, Vancouver, BC

Discovered my extrovert self

colette miller

Synchronicities are a fine thing and finding Kimberly and her program was everything I could have hoped for and more. I can be painful introvert and through the journey of this program I discovered my extrovert self that was dying to break out and be present and enjoy life. Not only do I feel more prepared with tools and practices to help me grow and be full of purpose and drive but I have met some amazing people that will remain great friends on my life journey.

Colette Miller
Corporate Finance

Experienced huge meaningful shifts in my life

When I signed up for Kimberly Carroll’s course I was physically and spiritually drained. Thanks to Kimberly and her wonderful program, I have re-connected with my innermost self and have experienced huge meaningful shifts in my life. I now feel rejuvenated, energized and positive, and I am once again able to embrace the joy of simply BEING! Kimberly, thank you for being such an amazing person and helping so many people through your coaching courses!

Bridget Curran, Animal Activist, Halifax, NS

She knew exactly how to help each of us

Kimberly created a safe and beautiful harbour from the get go. I started with a group of strangers and by the time the course ended we were all soul sisters. Kimberly kept a vigilant eye over our group and made us all feel taken care of. She wasn’t just an instructor, she cared. We were all so very different yet she knew exactly how to help each of us. She’s amazing! The weekly gatherings always made me feel more energetic, happy and focused. Kimberly cleverly leads a course that keeps you on track and you really benefit in the end. I was in an angry and depressed place when I started and now I feel freer, happier and have great tools to deal with any problems. I wish I had done this course much, much sooner. I can’t recommend it highly enough!

Jane L., Toronto, ON

A beautiful path to healing

Renelle Laliberte

The Life Reboot Program was a beautiful path to healing and connecting with my soul. Kimberly is dedicated, supportive and very loving. The program is extensive and encompasses many aspects of life that takes us on a journey of transformation and creation.

Renelle Laliberté – Renelle Design

How my inner critic hinders me

Dexter Ico

Through Kimberly’s group exercises and coaching I came to some simple yet powerful realizations about how my inner critic hinders me that I could not have expected to learn.  I am more mindful because of it.

Dexter Ico
Creative Video

I can be the hero of my own life

When I started Kimberly’s wonderful workshop I hoped it would help me find ‘exciting change’ and ‘inner peace’ and get over my past.  Kimberly’s warmth, non-judgmental, kind, and supportive guidance, helped me understand that getting over my past is only possible if I no longer live there, and continually challenge myself to live in the present instead.   With Kimberly’s encouragement she helped me redefine my life’s purpose which helps guide me toward the type of joyful and meaningful life I want to live.  I loved being part of Kimberly’s uplifting program and miss it.  I am extremely grateful to Kimberly for the opportunity to help me transform my life, so that I can be the hero of my own life.

Holly Larson, Early Childhood Educator & Activist

Useful, secular approaches to self-awareness and self-care

Like many men my age, I was always encouraged to suppress and ignore my feelings, to not think too deeply about myself or my conditioning, and to ‘suck it up’ when it came to stress and negative thoughts. Taking Kimberly Carroll’s Life Reboot Program helped me undo a lot of the damage in my life caused by these tendencies. Participating in her program gave me fresh personal insights and useful, secular approaches to self-awareness and self-care in a compassionate, casual, welcoming environment. I’m very grateful for the experience and highly recommend it to all, but especially men.

Ken B., Nonprofit Professional

Tools on how to manifest that big dream

My experience in Kimberly’s program was amazing! She has a genuine way about her, is present and fully shows up in a BIG way! For anybody looking to explore within, find some clarity or needs tools on how to manifest that big dream… This program is for YOU!

Jenna Godin, Hairstylist & Entrepreneur

Sunlight into my soul

nick fiorucci

Kimberly is a like a deep breath of fresh air, meeting her has brought sunlight into my soul.

Nick Fiorucci, Music Producer

I can’t thank Kimberly enough for helping to transform my life!

Ashley Rost

Participating in Kimberly’s program was the best gift that I have ever given to myself. I had been in a bit of a rut so to speak for quite some time and with Kimberly’s guidance and support I’ve been able to shift my thinking and am ready to take on the world!! Kimberly is such an inspiration, she teaches from a place of love, kindness and has a such a vibrant personality you can’t help but smile when you hear her voice. She’s an extremely non-judgmental soul and an absolute joy to work with! I loved every minute of the program with her and I can’t thank Kimberly enough for helping to transform my life!

Ashley Rost

My stress level has shrunk immensely

I can’t believe how Kimberly and her program has changed my outlook on life. I am forever and eternally grateful. I have made feeling powerful and in control a daily exercise. Before every meeting or whenever I have a spare moment I take a minute or so and close my eyes and see it and feel it. My stress level has shrunk immensely.

Sandi Keith, Business Owner

Not only soul-changing but FUN at the same time

When I signed up for Kimberly’s program, I was happy with many aspects of my life, but in others I just felt stuck. Kimberly offered me the tools to help tap into my own power to propel myself forward into the life I want to live. I did not know just how much of a difference it could make in my life, not just in some areas, but in all of them. I feel more centred, connected and at peace. Kimberly is a wonderful, caring, and loving guide and I loved the humour she brings to the program so that it’s not only soul-changing but FUN at the same time. I highly recommend this workshop to everyone, whether they think they need it or not. You benefit from it regardless.

Laura Thompson, Animal Advocate

You help us create magic and CELEBRATION

Kimberly – in some ways your approach is like a highly reverent church service with all the trimmings… deep burgundies, lush carpets, turned down lights, lots of candles, and solemn hymns; BUT there’s also a fairy godmother and pixie elves, and birthday cakes… everyone gets a birthday cake and gets to blow out their own candles… and there’s streamers and party horns, and a playground tube slide right in the center aisle; and there’s flirting and laughing, and cocktails, and people making out in the back aisles… But it’s all part of the deeply serious service… nothing is out of place… it’s all supposed to be there. Kimberly, you teach us to embrace the entirety of the human experience and treat pleasure and happiness as sacred. You help us create magic and CELEBRATION.

John Wilson, Consultant

Given up the alcoholic addiction

Kimberly, words are really not enough to describe the transformation I have experienced over the program. I came into the group being a very restless, confused and scared soul. I can honestly say that the Eleanor back then has dramatically vanished, and out sprouted a confident person who knows without a shadow of doubt what my purpose in this life is. Being honest with my soul has allowed me to see how much damage I’ve been doing to my body. I now eat really healthy, exercise regularly and most important of all have given up the alcoholic addiction. I look forward to my life as it has meaning….and for that I’m forever grateful to YOU! My wildest dreams have already began to unfold….Whoohoo!!!

Eleanor M., Toronto, ON

She dares you to live a juicy, fulfilling life

Kimberly Carroll’s program is one of the greatest gifts you could give yourself. Embarking on this journey with her caring guidance, deep wisdom and fabulous sense of humour was an experience I’ll never forget. After months of feeling stuck, Kimberly’s coaching helped me break through that wall and tune into what my soul was craving, and to tap into a fire and passion I had been denying for too long. She dares you to live a juicy, fulfilling life…one we all deserve to live! I’ve never met someone who’s energy and warmth so quickly drew me in and made me feel not only safe, but as if I’d been reunited with a long-lost friend. She’s your cheerleader and coach all in one! Words could never express how thankful I am to her!

Elizabeth Goncalves, Publishing Proofreader

Unabashedly fun

Kimberly’s Life Reboot Program is definitely a dynamic, fun, challenging and life changing experience. Somehow Kimberly manages to make this process fun, thought provoking and rewarding while at the same time challenging, introspective and with such remarkable depth and insight. Kimberly is kind, mindful, adaptable and unabashedly fun. I would highly recommend the Life Reboot program to honour and ground yourself as you move through life; it is an adventure worth taking! Kimberly, thank you for being my guide on this momentous journey.

Marina, Entrepreneur

So precise at delivering the truth my soul needed to hear

I feel very privileged to have experienced Kimberly’s program. Her essence and honesty shine through the whole workshop. I have been living my whole life looking for a good role model, teacher and mentor, and I know I have found these with Kimberly. She was so precise at delivering the truth my soul needed to hear. I loved how she flowed the workshops into fun, interactive and intense and back to light. It has been such a wonderful experience being on the receiving end of Kimberly’s coaching. I am finally stepping out into my own life for real and it’s because the universe gifted me with Kimberly Carroll at the most perfect time. In my perception she is a ‘Living Earth Angel’.

Charlene Hancock, Coach

This is a life changer

Seriously folks, this is a life changer, Kimberly and the program rock! Try it, and be surprised.

Victor B., General Manager

Your care, concern and loving attention surpasses them all

What a wonderful and challenging seven weeks!  Your innovative programme was an opportunity to learn many modalities to move forward in my journey.  I am still digesting and practising the many different ways to bring clarity, movement, acceptance and change to my life.  Kimberly, I have participated in many classes and courses and I must tell you that your care, concern and loving attention surpasses them all.

Marsha Slivka, Toronto

I cannot tell you how safe and relaxed I felt

I loved working for the OSPCA, my job was a dream come true, and then it ended when I was laid off. Depressed, feeling sorry for myself, and unable to find a job in this area, I stayed closed up in my dark dwelling and began to shut down. I knew I needed help, and in a big way. I had a desire to shake things off and move forward with my life but I had no idea where to start. I asked myself many questions, and the first thing I remember flashed into my mind was Kimberly Carroll. I had heard she was a coach, I had checked out her site many months before and had wanted to do her program. When I decided to enroll, it was to my surprise a good friend was in her current course. I had heard nothing but great things from my friend, I found I was excited for her when she told me what she was up to. I felt my heart quicken and my desire to do the course grew daily. Then it was my time, the day had come for me to start – and what an experience it has been!

I have felt the shifts and transitions it has made in my life. Kimberly’s peaceful nature made me feel so welcomed, her energy radiates, and above all I cannot tell you how safe and relaxed I felt in my soul circle. The tools that are given are fun and easy to incorporate even in the busiest schedules. They provided me a huge sense of accomplishment especially when I completed the few exercises I just didn’t want to do! Looking back I laugh at my fear, how silly it truly was, but also how it crippled me and kept me stuck with my life. Now I dance with darkness, shake with intention and for the first time in my life…I have learned to breathe. I am sure I will have my ups and downs, but I am now equipped to deal with them and recognize the lessons they have to offer me.  When the student is ready the teacher will appear. – I understood this, but I have lived it now and it resonates deeply. Thank you Kimberly, you teach, give and love more then you know!

Shannon Broadfield, Toronto, ON

Unwavering love and support

Kimberly designed an incredibly unique, transformative and powerful course that allows you to really connect with your truth and discard any old beliefs and/or patterns that sabotage your life. Kimberly is very attuned to each person she interacts with and brings nothing but love, kindness and acceptance to her practice. A perfect platform for allowing the client to take control of their lives while being guided with unwavering love and support. Exceptional course! Exceptional woman!

Lisa K. Hypnotherapist

She has changed my life

I have found myself in the past stuck, being held emotionally hostage, unable to clear my mind or focus my emotions. Kimberly has shown me easy and practical ways to clear these blocks, and how to move to a healthier place in my life.  She has changed my life.

Carol Roche, Toronto, ON

Raised my mindfulness to new, exciting levels

Kimberly’s daily work and weekly workshops raised my mindfulness to new, exciting levels. I acquired tools for finding peace, purpose and a plan. The spirit of openness, honesty and self-forgiveness in Kimberly’s world is vitally refreshing. Her guidance and insights speak of experience and resolve. The challenge after leaving Kimberly’s nest, however, is to maintain the commitment to self-care and to continue the work. Kimberly galvanized me to seize this opportunity rather than dread it. Our lives are ours to create. It’s a radical concept, but in Kimberly’s world, it’s the only way.

Chris, Toronto

Everyone around me has seen the difference in me

I had reached a stage in my life where there was definitely something missing and I didn’t know what. I was always looking for something externally to make me feel fulfilled and excited about life. I am so blessed to have found Kimberly and her program. I embarked on a journey with like-minded souls where I felt heard, safe and engaged in the process. Kimberly is a gifted teacher and partner who is capable of focusing on your specific path while ensuring you feel connected to the benefits of the group dynamic. The program is incredibly robust, visceral and professional and recognizes the balance between investing time in your personal development and everything else going on in your life. As a result of this program, I realized I can lead a big, exciting and satisfying life right where I am by being more open to the experiences around me and by being patient and loving to myself. Added bonus- everyone around me has seen the difference in me as well!

Susan T., Retired Banker now a Program Coordinator for a Not for Profit

Almost like we are newlyweds again

During Kimberly’s program, I decided and accepted that who I was is enough and that I can love who I am.  Upon that revelation, I decided to that it was time again to start showing my husband how much I loved him and sharing with him my sexual side that I had been repressing because of my dislike for myself and body.  He deserves all of me and until these past few weeks i haven’t been able to give him that.  I feel so much closer to him — almost like we are newlyweds again.

A.H., Toronto, ON

A coach with a twist

Wow, is all I can say! I highly recommend Kimberly Carroll and her program to anyone who is compelled to integrate their soul into everyday life. That may sound a bit strange, but in the busyness and chaos of modern life, most of us leave our soul at home and connect with it only on rare occasions, when we remember. This creatively designed program combined with Kimberly’s fire, passion and unique sense of humor, will immerse you in 7 weeks of intense and direct communication with your spirit. Through Kimberly’s strong and powerful guidance, you will emerge with a new life, designed by your heart and soul, as well as your very own practical soul practice to engage in daily after the program is over. Kimberly’s positive, inspiring and raw attitude, make her a coach with a twist. Her energy and enthusiasm stay with you long after the program ends.

Natalie Capone, Writer/Communications Director

This course will change your life

I am thrilled…Kimberly’s program surpasses anything I expected. I have shamanic experience, and I am so impressed with Kimberly Carroll. I believe she does have the ability to live with you as you go through your changes, and she is the most compassionate person. Her voice is so easy to feel as you go into and through your levels. This course will change your life. Your spirit is calling for change, do it!

Leia Rowan Kelly, Toronto, ON

Insightful and thought-provoking wisdom and knowledge

I would like to thank you again for giving me 7 weeks of your insightful and thought-provoking wisdom and knowledge, and also your loving and healing energy. The tools and techniques I have learned from you are invaluable and something I can always call on when needed. You have been supportive and encouraging through this whole program which is why it is a success.

James Siano, Toronto

People in my groups change before my eyes over the seven weeks

Kimberly’s program is thorough, well constructed, intelligent and thought-provoking. Although it is designed to push you into asking questions and making discoveries you never had before — some of them uncomfortably true — it is all conducted within a gentle and supportive environment that makes the process encouraging. I have done the program twice now and am genuinely impressed and surprised at how I have seen people in my groups change before my eyes over the seven weeks, and how many come away looking lighter and more purposeful than when they came in. For me, Life Reboot opened up a lot of questions and ideas that percolated in my head long after I completed the program and laid the foundation for many more benefits.I credit her program with providing me a lot of healing and revelation. And the biggest bonus of the Life Reboot programs is Kimberly herself and her startling intuition, that can help anyone cut through the crap holding them back.

M.M., Radio Producer

I feel so much at ease since I started the program

It has been a wonderful journey attending Kimberly’s program, her wisdom and inner peace infused my soul — I feel so much at ease since I started the program. My life is definitely not the same after this experience.

Toni Blasquez, Monterrey, Mexico

Truly amazed with how comprehensive the program is

The Life Reboot Program has been just that for me. I was truly amazed with how comprehensive the program is and with the level of support we all received from Kimberly. Although I was familiar with many of the teachings and some of the techniques used, I had been applying them in my life in an ad-hoc way, jumping from one to another without really going deeply into any. The structure and daily support over the seven weeks of the program took me to a much deeper level and I felt like I was finally able to clear and reconcile so much of what I feel has been keeping me back from really showing up in my life. I feel aligned, clear and very peaceful. Kimberly is not only an amazing coach but a truly caring and compassionate individual. I highly recommend the program!

Renée H, Toronto, ON

The walls were torn down

I felt trapped. I was trapped on the outside of the life that other people seemed to enjoy. I was going through the motions, but there was no joy, no happiness, no connection. I was also trapped inside my own mind, the negativity and self-doubt that had always plagued me. I felt there wasn’t any to make any changes – I was too ingrained in my ways, too stuck with my habits. That all changed when I met Kimberly and started the soul coaching journey. The walls were torn down. A new way of thinking emerged, and with it came happiness, joy, hope. I am living life, not just moving through it.

Sarah Straisfeld, “Sarah’s Search for the Divine” Blog

A kind, loving and inspiring teacher

The Life Reboot Program turned my pilot light back on, it has given me hope.  Kimberly is a kind, loving and inspiring teacher.  Her authenticity is comforting and her vibrancy infectious. My life is definitely better having discovered the Life Reboot Program and Kimberly.

Adrienne Clapperton, Toronto, ON

So many tools to use in my day-to-day life

Thanks Kimberly! Your program gave me so many tools to use in my day-to-day life to help achieve my goals and face everyday challenges which may come up. In a world full of continuous doom and gloom messages, your daily recordings with your soothing voice and enlightening messages offered inspiration and guidance on a practical level. I feel strong and excited about today and the days to come.

Kevork G., Toronto, ON

What an enlightening journey!

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Kimberly in her program. What an enlightening journey! Guided by her warm, compassionate spirit, each day was a gift of learning and self discovery that has brought to my life a deeper sense of joy, gratitude, and healing. The journey continues as I apply the life changing principles I have learned into my daily life. Thank you Kimberly!

Diane Kolar, Illustrator/Designer

Never been one to sit still for very long or let alone meditate…

Kimberly: I have never been one to sit still for very long or let alone meditate and visualize, but once I heard your calming and soothing voice all that changed for me. You can make me completely forget everything else around me except for that moment that you are walking us though a visualization or meditation. Taking this coaching course at a very difficult time in my life, has changed my life for the better and will continue to do so.  Kimberly, I am so glad I let you walk into my life. All I see now are blue skies and butterflies!

Dale Renee, Toronto, ON

An extremely joyous learning experience

Working with Kimberly was an extremely joyous learning experience — she makes each of her students feel so loved and supported and really important. Kimberly is a guiding light who inspired me to face truths and try things I wouldn’t normally do. I enjoyed the course very much and under her wise guidance and warm encouragement I was able to face life with non-judgment and a great deal of humour. Thank you so much Kimberly for all your wisdom and kindness.

Brooke Novello, Healer & Baker, Calgary, AB

Kimberly’s program changed my life

Kimberly’s program changed my life. Kimberly is a great coach — fun to be around and always there willing to help. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain…trust me, I know.

Julie Lebel Bernard, Kapuskasing, ON

Integrity, support & sensitivity

I had initial ambivalence about whether to do Kimberly’s program or not. However, I was grateful to find the integrity, support & sensitivity offered by Kimberly and the other participants made this such a fulfilling experience.

Mitch Kline, Toronto, ON

Amazing, eye-opening, life changing

Kimberly — thank-you so much for your amazing, eye-opening, life changing program. I went into it without realizing how unhappy and unfulfilled I felt and finished the program feeling more open, optimistic, content and positive then I ever have. It was a truly amazing experience that has changed me. You have such a gift for making others feel comfortable and encouraged yet you aren’t afraid of giving that push to someone who needs it. Thank-you for pushing me and for making change such a positive experience!

K.E., Toronto, ON

My energy has totally changed

My energy has totally changed from the beginning of the Life Reboot Program to the end. Kimberly has been a caring coach that consistently checked in to ensure our well-being during the program.

Sandra Marji, Life Coach

Providing a spark to ignite my inner peace

With Kimberly’s stellar personality, this program provided me with tools to deal with life’s challenges. Overall, this experience has enlightened my frame of mind, while providing a spark to ignite my inner peace.

Kathy Santoro, Quality Assurance Auditor

Freeing me up from some of my greatest fears

Kimberly, thank-you for guiding me into this journey and freeing me up from some of my greatest fears. I am so thankful for you and the group and for all that we have accomplished together. I can honestly say that I have in a way become a better person than I was a month ago and that was thanks to your support and all of the people who took the program with me. There are no words to express my gratitude for all that you have helped me.

Gaby Puga, Alton, Texas

Reconnected with parts of myself I had neglected and forgotten

Thank you Kimberly!  Your Life Reboot Program came to me at exactly the right time.  The inspiring and motivating journey you took us on reconnected me with parts of myself I had neglected and forgotten about. Being reminded of what really matters to me has given me strength and direction.

Tiffany Stone,

Kimberly helped me find myself

I took Kimberly’s course as I was stuck. I felt like a gerbil on a wheel going through life and not getting anywhere. Kimberly helped me find myself and allow me to just BE and be alright with who I was and where I am. Thanks Kimberly and hugs.

Darlene Buchanan, Nurse

A level of calm that I haven’t experienced in a very long time

My soul journey with Kimberly has helped me achieve a level of calm that I haven’t experienced in a very long time. It has helped both myself, other people in my life and hopefully the animals of the world as well!

Susan Collart, Animal Advocate, Victoria, BC

An extraordinary journey

The program with Kimberly Carroll was an extraordinary journey! The techniques along with Kimberly’s added flavour allowed me to dive into some untapped areas of my self…giving me the opportunity to re-awaken to my endless possibilities with a renewed sense of focus.

Juanita Clarke, Ottawa, ON


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