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3 months to start seriously shifting your life AND the world.

You’re a compassionate soul trying to do good in the world. As a leader, activist, entrepreneur, healer, or other kind of change agent, you feel strongly called to make a difference. The only problem is…something’s stopping you from feeling fully ALIVE and effective in your life and good work.

Yes, you’re passionate, accomplished, and have important gifts to share, but you feel so OVERWHELMED and stuck. There’s so much to do to make the changes in your life and the world that you dream of and, no matter how much you do, it never feels like enough.

It also doesn’t help that as a sensitive and empathetic person, this sometimes difficult work (whether its paid or volunteer) is taking its toll on you. You’re emotionally and physically drained from taking on too much, coming to the rescue of everybody else, and feeling things so deeply. Maybe you’ve even lost the spark that first ignited you in your mission and find yourself slipping into autopilot.

You crave some calm, some joy…to feel more vitality. Unfortunately, these needs keep getting put last, compromising your well-being and, ultimately, your ability to create and inspire. You can’t help but laugh at the irony that you’re supposed to be beacon for others while secretly feeling burnt-out, a bit resentful, and kind of alone in things.

How are you supposed to change the damn world when you feel so stuck personally?!

Now, try this on for size…

You wake up in the morning with a sense of peace, feeling revitalized and excited about the day ahead and taking a good solid step forward in your mission.

You have space and routines built into your life that nourish you and leave you feeling relaxed, fresh, and powerful. You’re more present and connected to yourself and are cultivating the relationships and community that make you feel deeply supported.

As your own vitality and joy thrives, so does your good work.

You find yourself working from a place of inspiration rather than desperation…feeling clear and confident in your next steps, the creativity flowing, and influencing others with ease. You’re tapped into your most potent and unique gifts and are putting them effectively into action around your mission.

A centered, well-lived life is making you an even brighter light in the world and the impact you’re making feels so good in the soul.

You can live a more inspired and impactful life, and I’ll launch you on the path to get there.

Hi, I'm Kimberly.

I’m a coach for changemakers who want to create a better life and a better world. I help you do the transformative inner work and create the high performance habits and strategies that will make you unstoppable.

The Changemaker Breakthrough 3-Month Coaching Package will heal, energize, and power up you and your important work.

You’ll get expert mentoring and loving support, experience powerful energetic shifts, develop an action plan, and get innovative day-to-day strategies to help take your life and important dreams to the next level.


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Through Changemaker Breakthrough, you’ll:

Let’s get you and your good work powered up!

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FIVE 75-minute Coaching Sessions (bi-weekly, in-person in Toronto or via video-call or phone)

Together we’ll create the inner shifts, tools and habits, and a clear action plan to ignite you and your passions.

Within this safe, relaxing and inspiring space, you’ll uncover a deeper sense of peace, wisdom, and strength, and find tangible ways to bring that to your mission.

This coaching journey will be custom-designed for YOU and your specific needs, but here’s a sample breakdown of sessions…

Session 1 – Triage – We establish what your current life and mission goals are and where you’re out of alignment with these. We’ll do some crisis management and find you some immediate relief. You’ll leave with a plan for clearing more space and creating some routines for the work ahead.

Session 2 – Investigation – We troubleshoot/investigate the obstacles in the way of your good life and good work. We do a deep-dive into your limiting beliefs and patterns and their origins and you’re given exercises and tools to start de-activating them.

Session 3 – Shifting – We do a powerful experiential process for breaking through limits or doing some deep healing. Then, you’ll get practical tools to entrench that ground-breaking experience in your daily life.

Session 4 – Strategy – We work on tangible strategies for empowering your mission. We’ll explore particular ideas/projects and create an overall action plan for the top priorities of the next year.

Session 5 – Mindset – Through both a logistical and intuitive exploration, we pinpoint the optimal energy/approach that will take things to the next level in your life and work. Then, we’ll put tools and routines in place to start cultivating this. We’ll also troubleshoot implementation challenges and create an accountability plan for staying on-track.

Weekly Email Check-in & Support

Every week for the 3 months, we’ll do at least one email check-in to measure your progress, deal with any challenges, or review any projects or ideas you want my eyes on.

Changemaker Meditation & Visualization Tool-Kit

10 audio downloads of meditations and visualizations for centering and igniting you in your life and mission. From the “Dissolving Overwhelm” meditation to the “Remembering Your WHY” visualization.

Custom Audio Downloads

You’ll get audio recordings of the guided meditations, exercises, or visualizations I tailor to you in our sessions so you can use them as a custom tool any time you want.

You’ll come out of the Changemaker Breakthrough feeling more centered and emboldened to be a powerful force in your corner of the world.


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$ 1195 CAD
  • Approx. $960 USD | Includes all taxes


$ 300 CAD
  • Approx. $240 USD | Includes all taxes

Now let’s get to work because the world desperately needs your awesomeness…


  • Step 1

    Make your payment & schedule your first session by clicking your preferred payment option above.

  • Step 2

    You’ll receive an email from me with the Changemaker Assessment form and coaching agreement.

  • Step 3

    Complete the Changemaker Assessment and coaching agreement and email these back to me.

  • Step 4

    Exhale…knowing that you’ve taken a most powerful step towards igniting you and your good work.

Questions, concerns, wonderings? I’m happy to jump on a call to see if this is right for you. Contact me to arrange.

Realizing my strengths and getting clear


If you’re looking to become the most expansive version of yourself, look no further …working with Kimberly will change your life. The most significant value I took out of it was two-fold: (1) owning past trauma and letting it empower me rather than allowing it to control me and my happiness; and (2) realizing my strengths and getting clear about my self-identity. Long story short, Kimberly’s work is phenomenal and Kimberly is one of the most genuine and supportive humans you will ever meet. 

Keenan, Founder & CEO of Skyvolve Solutions Inc.

Rare combination of healing gifts and entrepreneurial smarts

Laura ranieri

Powerful, intuitive, fastidiously organized and unbelievably generous, Kimberly Carroll is unique in the world of coaching. Her intensive and life-shifting Life Reboot programs and individual coaching sessions always exceed expectations. After five years, I continue to work with her for both business and life coaching, as she combines a rare combination of healing gifts and entrepreneurial smarts to help guide both personal and professional journeys.  Kimberly always gives so much of her time and heart to each person who enters her warm domain… just so many reasons she is a truly exceptional coach, mentor and guide.

Laura Ranieri, Creator, Egyptologist and Senior Communications Leader at CopyBard Communications

Kimberly is truly a miracle worker

I had experienced some deep trauma and though I was able to do some self work, I was not able resolve my emotional blockages.  I had seen therapists, a psychologist, and a psychiatrist but to no avail. When I first met Kimberly, I was skeptical, but I was determined to try my best.  I will say the work was hard, but the results have been tremendous. Her work is deep and I have learned so much about myself and the confidence and self love that ensues.

Kaiyan Ma, VP, Human Resources

One of the most impactful experiences in my life

Beth Crystal

Kimberly is an incredibly intuitive and wise person who can work with you to cut through layers of beliefs, thoughts and actions and help you to access your soul. From that sacred place she helps you to make shifts so that you can live your life in a meaningful way that reflects your authentic self.

Beth Crystal, Mother and Occupational Therapist

She literally helped change my life forever

doug mcnish, man smiling

As a chef and entrepreneur I was at a point where I did a lot, but I wasn’t actually there to appreciate it all, nor did I take the time to take care of myself. I was struggling with some perception of self worth and self value, something I think we all do, but especially those of us out in the arena kicking ass everyday!

Working with Kim has been an amazing experience. It forced me to delve deep to focus on underlying issues and had me tackle things that most never do. I can honestly say it was one of the most positive experiences of my entire life! She has taught me the value of being present and open to life, love, business, myself and my family. Kim truly has something special that shines when she speaks, and it reflects back to you, and helps to make you the best you can be.

Not only am I 16lbs down with more to go, but I am fully here and taking the time to enjoy my life as it is, not worrying about things that might not ever happen!

Doug McNish, Executive Vegan Chef

Kimberly has helped me through it and keeps me strong for every investigation

I’m an undercover investigator with a major animal protection organization. My job is to go undercover at factory farms and slaughterhouses to document what farmed animals endure every day. My job is heart-breaking and horrible, but Kimberly has helped me through it and keeps me strong for every investigation. As a fellow activist, she understands the issues in a way others can’t. She has helped me immensely; she has kept me centred and grounded, as well as given me tools and coping techniques to keep going so I can do my job and continue being there for the animals, telling their stories and making real and lasting change for them.

Anonymous Undercover Investigator

A more joyous and prosperous life

Nick Wright

What started with help fine-tuning presentation skills turned into a truly life changing journey, a new level of self-understanding and a more joyous and prosperous life. Kimberly is highly skilled and an absolute pleasure. I highly recommend her coaching to anyone seeking to overcome obstacles and live a fuller, more connected life.

Nick Wright, Principal Lawyer, Wright Business Law

Balanced in mind, body and soul

charlotte caunter, lady wearing green smiling

Kimberly’s 1:1 coaching & coaching programs were the reason I was able to thrive during cancer. I had a very difficult year and felt lost and imbalanced. She helped me to identify how I was holding myself back in my life and she did it with such grace, ease and kindness. Kimberly provided me with concrete tools that I could utilize on a daily basis. I felt very empowered and for the first time in my life felt balanced in mind, body and soul. I now have so much joy in my life and a sense of clarity. 

Kimberly’s positive, loving and enthusiastic energy is very infectious…with her guidance, encouragement and support I changed on a cellular level!

Charlotte Caunter, Cancer Coach

Not trapped by my childhood sexual abuse anymore

I am a strong, successful, beautiful woman with many gifts in her life. I am not trapped by my childhood sexual abuse anymore. I have found that I have the freedom and breath to make my own choice. I choose to live today, to be present and to exercise my emotional intelligence with no apology.

This is what I learned working with Kimberly. Thank you for guiding me through my journey, Kimberly. You provided a different approach on how to see that my trauma and hurt from childhood that had a hold on my life for 35 years. Psychiatrists and counselling were not able to provide me with the guidance I needed to really see and understand how out of control and confused I was. Now, I understand that there is no quick fix, that the key to being happy is and can only be through oneself.

Denine, Saskatoon, SK

Working with Kimberly changed the course of my life

Kaeleigh Phillips

I always wanted to attend law school and become a lawyer, but was very uncertain whether I could reach that goal. With Kimberly’s patience and deeply caring guidance, I dove into every part of my life and navigated through my insecurities and came out with clarity and most importantly, self love.

I applied for law school and wrote my LSATS after the Life Reboot Program. Now, I am happy to say that I am in law school!

Kaeleigh Phillips, Activist and Law Student

You’ve helped to wake the sleeping giant inside me

Kimberly is the closest thing to an angel I’ve met in person. Working with her through even the most difficult and painful issues is always inspiring and beautiful, and I felt safe and loved through every moment. The depth of both care and insight she offers are boundless, and I am grateful to have been blessed with her kindness and healing. Rather than push or teach, Kimberly gently and lovingly leads you to your own self, allowing you to sense all of the truths that exist inside you and work through all of the crap and find your incredible, wonderful, amazing soul. She helped me in ways I’m still far from learning about, and most importantly, started me well on the path to ongoing healing and enlightenment. The combination of modalities and tools that Kimberly employs and teaches are very diverse, and part of the journey is finding out what works best for you. I was pretty skeptical at first, but from the moment I began the program I was transformed, and it just got better and better. Oh, and the hugs! The hugs are awesome! Kimberly, thank you so much! You’ve helped me to change my life, reconnect, and wake the sleeping giant inside me.

Christian H., Music Producer/Composer

5 steps to feel better and make more impact as a changemaker

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