Here are a variety of past meditations Kimberly’s led in sessions and workshops.
Feel free to add them to your meditation rotation!

Senses Check (10:03 mins)

Letting Go of the Holding (17:13 mins)

The Wisdom of Your Body Meditation (11:03 mins)

5-Minute Decompress (4:54 mins)

Massage Meditation (12:43 mins)

Relaxing Into Stillness (13:04 mins)

You Are Safe Meditation (11:11 mins)

Slow the Fuck Down Meditation (10:14 mins)

Inhabiting Your Body & This Moment (15:28 mins)

Surrender Meditation (11:10 mins)

Undulating of the Earth Meditation (11:17 mins)

Gentle, Gentle Meditation (12:36 mins)

Being Held by Universal Nature (9:50 mins)

Dissolving with the Exhale (14:28 mins)

Allow Meditation (14:47 mins)

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