The Changemaker Sessions

These FREE Zoom gatherings are a place of deep (and fun!) learning, coaching, and community for activists, mission-driven leaders, healers, social entrepreneurs, & all those trying to make the world a better place…

Each session will comprise of:

  • A talk/workshop on the night's topic. Themes include: pain processing techniques, time management, dealing with conflict, building self-relationship, productivity boosters, smart strategies for your mission, cultivating joy.

  • Q&A and open coaching with participants. If you’re looking for guidance in your work, relationships, wellness, or other areas of your life, bring your queries to the session where Kimberly will be working with folks in real time.

The Next Session...

Healthy and Effective Social Media Habits

Changemakers have a love/hate relationship with social media… It can be frustrating, demoralizing, and a huge time suck, YET it can be a very powerful tool in collaborating with and influencing others in your mission.

In this installment of The Changemaker Sessions, we’ll put habits in place to prevent getting hijacked by social media and, instead, set you up to use it deliberately and effectively.

We’ll talk about:

  • keeping your love and integrity intact online even when dealing with trolls and blowback
  • the boundaries you need to create around your social media use if you don’t want to lose your mind
  • the basics of engaging posts
  • how to share the issues you’re passionate about without alienating potential allies
  • dealing with “comparitis”

Let’s make social media an empowering place for you instead of one that swallows you whole. 😉

* I invite folks to have your video on during our time together to enhance the sense of community, but it’s not mandatory.

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I'm Kimberly Carroll and I’m a coach for changemakers.

I help big-hearted go-getters like you shift yourself so you can more powerfully shift the world.

With over 13 years as a coach and 18 years as a leader for change, I help you cultivate the vitality, strategies, and true power to take your life and mission to the next level.

See you in The Changemakers Sessions!

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