Presence Over Perfection

Magnificent One!

As folks trying to make a difference in the world, it’s so important for us to connect with and truly reach people.

But I used to feel sooo much pressure to make an impact in a conversation or a presentation, that I’d get totally stuck in my head trying to find just the right thing to say.

Luckily, a turning point came a few years ago when I was preparing for a big talk.

I wanted so badly to reach the people in the audience and make an impact, so there I was the night before… So obsessed with getting every word right, that I’d wound myself up into a wild-eyed state.

Thankfully, a friend who knew me well saw this happening and gave me a little talking to.

He said: “People aren’t going to leave your talk remembering every word you said, they’re going to remember how you made them FEEL. If you get too stuck in your head trying to make your delivery flawless, you’ll miss out on being really present to them. And that presence is where your real magic is.”

And it’s actually where everybody’s real magic is. Being present allows you to truly feel and respond to life. It’s where the best connections and inspiration happen — whether you’re communicating with an individual OR a huge group.

So, here’s a simple tool to help you move out of perfection and into presence when talking to others…

Take a deep breath to ground yourself and really look into the eyes of the person you’re speaking with (if it’s an audience, focus on one person at a time).

Then, let yourself connect for a moment to the whole universe that’s happening in that being’s eyes.

This will take you instantly out of your head and into the tenderness and aliveness of the RIGHT HERE AND NOW… you know, where the real magic is.

And, dear one, this world really needs you in your magic.💗

Hugs, Kimberly

P.S. If overwhelm or worry often gets you caught up in your mind, I led this meditation in a workshop the other day, and it could help you in becoming more grounded and present: (13 mins).

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