Digging in the Dirt

What does a veganic farm and a silent meditation retreat have in common? They both utilize the valuable life skill of digging in.

This past week I was literally digging in the dirt helping plant our first veganic farm for the Toronto Vegetarian Food Bank that I help run. Take a watch!

Now this weekend, I’m digging in the emotional dirt as a part of a silent meditation retreat I take part in twice a year.

And you know what? I love doing both…

It feels so good getting my hands into the rich soil of the earth, excavating a little hole, and planting a seedling that’s full of so much potential.

I also really value time and space to dig into deeper places in ME, excavate some limiting thoughts and patterns, and plant some new seeds that I can let grow into my life.

But, I wasn’t always excited about doing either…

As a kid, helping my Dad plant the garden meant icky dirt under my nails and time away from watching my favourite TV shows. And as a young adult, sitting in silence and stillness for a couple of days was about the worst form of torture I could imagine.

I can’t tell you exactly how it all changed… It could have been the fact that I was headed towards disaster and needed to find a different way of being. It could have been getting exposed to a much bigger world over the years that changed my philosophies and values. Maybe it was developing a deep appreciation for the now and its sensory experience. Or perhaps it was realizing this life is way too precious to go through without being connected to the Earth and myself.

But for whatever reason, I now treasure the digging.

Now that doesn’t mean it’s all butterflies and rainbows. Of course, it can get verrrry messy and wear you out. Also, I still don’t love getting dirt stuck under my nails or having to sometimes fight to stay awake while meditating.

Also, we never exactly know what the digging and planting is going to yield.. It could be glorious
or measly.

Luckily we always have the experience and learning to harvest.

I’d love to see you, too, get into some juicy digging this weekend…whether that’s in the form of journaling, planting a tree, or having a long-awaited deep discussion with someone meaningful in your life.

All you need to do is go at it with gusto, and don’t be afraid to get a little messy. 

Hugs, Kimberly

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