Antidote to Back-to-School/Work/Life Stress

Awesome One…

The extra traffic humming as the sun came up this morning was the first tell-tale sign of the societal gear shift into September Seriousness (I’m making a very grim businesslike face right now as I type this).

For most, this first day back after the Labour Day weekend signals kids back to school, no more white pants (who made that dumb rule?!), and double the emails in your inbox.

I can almost FEEL everybody working themselves into an uptight tailspin today.

But interestingly, summer hasn’t actually stopped dead. Regardless of how we’re acting, Mother Nature hasn’t really rolled up the carpet because it’s September 4.

In fact, I don’t know about you, but our vegetable and flower gardens don’t seem like they’re in any race to shut down their growing and blooming… The roses don’t give a shit that people have traded in their flip-flops for “work-appropriate shoes”. The kale and eggplant are just hanging out…apparently they didn’t get the “summer’s over” memo.

This stressful September ramp-up is a mindset.

Sure, there’s work to do, new projects to start, and people to respond to, but how about we not get ourselves knotted up into the pretzel? Being tight and contracted is never good for creativity or productivity.

How might our day/week change if we keep tuning into that wide open sky out there and try to bring that relaxed, warm, and open energy of the summer into all?

Maybe you could take a little extra time to have a leisurely convo with a co-worker today, stop in the park on the way home, take a couple of things off of that “to do” list”, or have a glass of wine in the backyard to toast the sunset on this full day.

Believe me, I have a “to do” list today that made my stomach a little queasy when I looked at it this morning. That’s why I knew I had to take myself out to my flower garden for a few minutes to connect with the flora I’ve spend lots of time tending to and delighting in this summer.

I slowly and reverently picked this yellow rose, held it to my heart and very deliberately slowed down my breathing. Ahhh…

blog - yellow rose September

​​​​​​​Now I pass this image along to inspire YOU to take a deep slow beautiful breath as robust as this bloom. Like, RIGHT NOW………..

There, that’s better.

Alight Dearest…here’s to finding a nice fluid balance between getting shit done and staying relaxed, playful, and open.

Mother Nature will be proud.



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