I never said goodbye…

Beautiful Being!

It’s been a LOOONG time since I’ve written.

First of all, please forgive me for leaving you without a proper goodbye. When I wrote my last blog I had NO idea I would be going radio silent for so long.

In case you’re wondering…no, I did not run away to an ashram (been there, done that) or go live off-grid with the animals in the forest (tempting!)

No, what I did do…was go deep into a learning/creativity cave.

For the past couple of years, I had been feeling it was time to expand in my practice and business so I could help more people who, in turn, could show up as even more powerful forces of good in our aching world.

Unfortunately, though, the big picture kept getting hip-checked off the “to do” list by the busyness of running my current business and activism projects.

So, in February as the call to expand got stronger, I decided to throw myself into an intensive 3-month business program to ensure I created the space, structure, and momentum for building my next chapter as a coach and teacher.

I made up my mind to lay low around newsletters/blogs, grad circles, new activism projects, and any extras beyond private coaching and running just one spring Life Reboot Program so I could really honor this process.

I’ll admit it was pret-ty challenging for me to be ok with letting some balls drop (recovering perfectionist here!), but it turns out that carving out this space was exactly what I needed to light my next creative fire!

I was able to go deep and really hone in on who I most want to work with going forward and in what exciting new ways we can do that.

This means some big changes are on their way… And I’ll be sharing these changes with you over the next few weeks (I’m such a tease!)

In the meantime, I plan to be visiting your inbox more regularly again. These will be short and sweet drop-ins to bring you one important tool, idea, or opportunity for cultivating your most expansive life from the inside out.

And since I’ve yakked at you here for long enough already, I’m going to make today’s share one of my favourite mini-meditations.

It’s a pretty beautiful 7-minute meditative experience to go deep and get guidance from the most wise and powerful part of yourself.

Have a question you’ve been struggling with? It’s pretty uncanny the powerful answers this short process can deliver. Feel like you’re carrying a lot right now? You might be surprised how much comfort this brings you. So grab your earphones, get comfy and give it a go…


Btw, the world is still in the lazy-hazy-days-of-summer mode for another few days, so this is a perfect opportunity for YOU to go into your learning/creativity cave.

What’s something you feel called to do but keeps getting put on the backburner? Well, slap that vacation responder on and get your oil paints out or brainstorm names for that side business you’ve been thinking about or dive into that online workshop you’ve been eyeing.

Even just a couple of days of opening up this space for exploration can create powerful shifts, so HEAD FOR THE CAVE, Dear One! 😉

P.S. I’d love to hear what comes up for you in the Message From Your Center meditation. Drop me a quick email and let me know!



The Life Reboot Program is a personal development intensive to explore, center, and ignite your life.

You might have tried various courses, books, workshops, therapies, etc. in the past to breakthrough to the next level of your life, but things just didn’t stick. Well, this soulful, practical, and sometimes rowdy body/mind/spirit adventure uses DAILY work (powerful audio recordings, exercises, & email coaching) to create shifts on a tangible real-life level along with intimate and exhilarating weekly workshops (10 people maximum). 

The result is deep, tangible, and lasting changes. Think of this as your own 7-week personal revolution!

Get ready to:

  • Take on that big dream you’ve been feeling stuck around
  • Stop living on autopilot and WAKE UP
  • Bust through stress and anxiety and find a deep sense of peace and contentment
  • Build a customized life game-plan for your most spectacular future
  • Laugh more: lighten up and invite in more joy, fun and creativity
  • Free yourself from self-imposed limits & unleash your full power
  • Invite more love into your life & cultivate deeper, more satisfying relationships
  • Uncover who you truly are
  • Take specific action to help heal the world
  • Love your life

With just the right mix of loving support and kick-ass motivation, I personally guide you through every step of this process to clear out the crap and jump-start your life. With the small group sizes you receive plenty of individual attention. We do deep, profound work in the Life Reboot Program, but we also have a gut-busting good time doing it. There will be fascinating concepts to explore, but a big emphasis will also be put on life strategizing and practical game-plans. If you’re willing to come to the program with a sense of curiosity and you do the work, your life will change…I’ve seen it happen hundreds of times before.

TORONTO Life Reboot Program – TUESDAYS
begins Oct. 23 – runs daily for 7 weeks
8 in-person workshops – Tuesdays 7-10pm

TORONTO Life Reboot Program – WEDNESDAYS 
begins Oct. 24 – runs daily for 7 weeks
8 in-person workshops – Wednesdays 7-10pm

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