Your Word for 2016

Happy New Year Magnificent Being!

I hope your first few days of 2016 have been fascinating! As Rainer Maria Rike said: “And now we welcome the new year, full of things that have never been.”

Every New Year I offer a workshop with my program grads about choosing their word of the year. In it, we examine the events, themes, and energy of the past year and find 1-3 words to sum it up. Then, we use various techniques to tune into what we long for in the coming year and try to distill that into one word/energy to help drive our year ahead.

(Btw, I’ll actually be doing an abbreviated version of this workshop as a free webinar with Positive Fabulous Women next week — Wed., Jan. 13. CLICK HERE to sign up.)

This is also a ritual I do myself at the beginning of each year. Last year, my word for 2015 showed itself quickly…it was SOFTEN. Soften around the stress…soften around expectation…soften around the instinct to hold tight to everything.

I went into 2015 very committed to my soften directive. Then, the year started throwing some hard balls at me… I suddenly had to leave my home of 12 years and move my place of business. Deaths happened. Doors closed jarringly on certain life paths and relationships. Forced change ran rampant through the year.

In hindsight, I can see very clearly that my 2015 theme of the year was actually PASSAGES. However, I don’t think I would have survived those passages nearly as well if the energy of SOFTEN hadn’t been set at the beginning of the year. Softening around the upheaval, the losses, and the unknown was the best tool a gal could ask for. As waves of anxiety or grief came up, I worked on softening around these sensations with each exhale…softening the shoulders, the brows, the belly. It brought me back into my body and the moment. 

I’d be lying if I said I was able to bring that softening to ALL the challenges of the year and that there weren’t a couple of first-rate meltdowns. However, even if that beginning of the year intention wasn’t fully realized, it was still my saving grace.

So, what word(s) would best sum up your 2015? And what is the energy calling to be cultivated in your 2016? When you uncover the word that describes it, declare it and figure out how to start weaving it into your everyday, minute-to-minute life.

In fact, I’d love to hear from you what you discover. Just go to my  Facebook Page and let me know!

As for my word for 2016… I’m taking a few days to let it emerge, but I think I’m close and it’s a good one. 😉 I will share it on my Facebook Page next week, so stay tuned!

I look forward to staying connected to you, Dear One, in this glorious year ahead. May we ride the waves of 2016 with great gusto!



P.S. If you’re REALLY serious about taking your life to the next level this year (in relationship, at work, or in body, mind, or spirit), my Life Reboot Program is one of the most powerful change agents out there (we’re talking total life makeover!) This 7-week personal development intensive provides all the in-depth structure and support you need for creating a year and life you love. My New Year Life Reboot Programs in Toronto start Jan. 26 and 27 and the early bird rate is on for only a few more days!


2015 - SOFTEN
My “word board” from last year. Creating a graphic representation of your intended energy for the year ahead takes things to a whole other level!




This is the fun, soulful, & no-cost 1-hour webinar I mentioned above! It’s hosted by Positive Fabulous Women and you’re all invited! (guys…you too!) We’ll be going through a powerful and active 5-step process to very consciously kick off this next year of your life personally and professionally! We’ll mine 2015 for its best gifts and lessons, tune into what you’re truly longing to cultivate in the New Year, and uncover your WORD for 2016. You will then explore the practical ways to ignite that quality in creating your most fulfilling year yet.

Wed., Jan. 13, 2015 – 1pm – ONLINE




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THEME: Igniting 2016
10 people maximum – $40

Tues, Jan 12, 2015 *bring a guest option
Wed., Jan. 14, 2015 *bring a guest option

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This past week I was featured in a Global News article talking about  the secrets to making and keeping successful NY resolutions. READ THE ARTICLE

Global News New Year article




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