Deciding YOUR New Normal

Don’t settle for just getting back to “normal”… Let’s mine your pandemic experience to create your new and IMPROVED normal.

As more and more folks are getting vaccinated, it’s pretty damn exciting to see COVID cases plummet and the world around us start to open up again! In fact, it’s proving a little dizzying for folks… I can go to a patio?! I can get a haircut?!! I can hug my MOM?!!!

It’s understandable that the race to get back to “normal” is fierce. It’s been a tough, confusing, and scary journey in a lot of ways (and for some, it’s been all of this, times TEN). The desire to want to kick the last year and a half to the curb and rush back to the way life was pre-pandemic is strong.


You’re the type of person who values growth and evolution, and there’s no way you’ll have gone through this unprecedented year and half and not picked up at least a few treasures in the form of valuable habits, mindset shifts, and new wisdom. So, let’s make sure you’re not abandoning these in the societal push to get back to “normal”.

In this week’s video, we cool the jets a little and get really conscious about ways we’ve grown during this topsy-turvy time. Then, I’m going to help you get really deliberate about how to incorporate this growth into your post-pandemic life… Whether it’s maintaining more space in your schedule, getting more scrappy in your activism, extending your trend of lower consumption, or keeping the perks of working from home even if you’re back in the office.

In other words, instead of being told what your “new normal” should be by a bunch of outside voices, you’re going to consciously create YOUR new normal.

Let’s take this weird-ass year and a half of our precious life, and use it to grow our path forward!

Hugs, Kimberly


The only reason many of us reading this have been able to be vaccinated and have things open up around us is because the high income country we, by some stroke of luck, ended up in, bought far more than our share of the world’s supply of vaccines.

Knowing our privilege in this arena, let’s also be pushing the decision-makers in our countries to be committed to global vaccine equity. You can find out more here.


Tomorrow is the national holiday of Canada Day. In light of the recent tragic discovery 751 unmarked graves at the site of a former residential school in Saskatchewanof the bodies of 215 children, I personally will be using the day to mourn what the country I’m a citizen of has done and continues to do to Indigenous peoples and to actively reflect.

If you’d also to use it as a day of reflection, here are some reading materials to check out:


A couple of weeks ago, I worked with folks in the Animal Justice Academy community on how to deal with challenges they’ve been encountering in their activism.

The focus was animal activism, but a lot of the ideas/situations we worked with (self-compassion, conflict within a movement, dealing with judgement) could certainly apply to changemakers in other social justice realms too. Here’s special access for my peeps here to WATCH THE Q&A.

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