Not Letting the Year Get Away from You

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Quarterly/Seasonal goal check-ins will keep your 2023 goals on-track

I worked a lot with changemakers at the start of the year to determine the projects, habits, or energies they were looking to cultivate in 2023.

Now Spring is here and, as they say in business, the first quarter is almost complete.

This is an ideal time to check in on the progress of those logistic and energetic 2023 goals, make adjustments, and get clear on the specific pieces that you’ll be tackling for the next three months.

Quarterly check-ins like this can be remarkably effective in keeping you on-track in your mission.

They help keep you accountable and connected to the goals most meaningful to you. This way you’re not caught at the end of 2023 thinking… WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?? like last year. 😉

What my Q1 check-in revealed…

I did my my first-quarter check-in this week, and these are some of the things that came up for me and the adjustments I’m making as a result:

  • As usual, I sorely overestimated the amount of stuff I can get done in three months. In scheduling this next quarter, I’m going to take my first sense of how long something should take and DOUBLE it. :p This means not being as ambitious in my goals list, but also not being as tense in my body.

  • At the beginning of the year, I freshened up my morning centering routine with a couple of new practices that are feeling fabulous. Yay me! Re-affirming these practices.

  • My non-negotiable weekly break from work — my Sacred Sundays — have been getting eaten up not by work, but by all the domestic tasks I couldn’t fit into my week… making the whole “break” part a bit laughable. I’ve recommitted to not scheduling anything on Sundays if I can help it, and only doing what feels GOOD to me in the moment.

  • My new system for creating more regular content has been working and getting tighter over the quarter. I’ll continue systematizing it.

  • This quarter confirmed that the endless torrent of texts, emails, and notifications are incredibly disruptive to my productivity, so I’m going into a policy of ringer off and windows minimized before heading into ANY creative/problem-solving work.

  • This was only the first-quarter when I was just getting my “sea legs” for 2023, so I choose to be gentle and understanding with myself for not hitting all the marks.

Now how about you?

Here are some prompts for your quarter/season check-in:

  1. What were your wins this past quarter?
  2. What DIDN’T work?
  3. What do you need to adjust in the way you approach your goals?
  4. Do any of your yearly goals need to be adjusted?
  5. What are your broken-down specific goals for the next quarter/season?

Send me a message and share any of your answers with me! Having a witness to your process can be a powerful thing.

Your mission is vital, Dear One, so let’s damn well make sure it stays on the tracks this year!

Hugs, Kimberly

P.S. You know what else is a powerful thing? Having guidance and community on this journey! That’s why I’m really hoping you’ll join me and fellow compassionate go-getters for The Changemaker Sessions (free) this quarter. 

A Little More Good Podcast

I’m the guest on this week’s A Little More Good podcast.

I had a fabulous convo with hosts (and smart, sweet beings!) Zach Berman and Dean Morris about ways to keep ourselves effective and enduring as changemakers.

We spoke about high-performance habits, ways to prioritize your own wellness and sanity, and the resilience gained from a strong self-relationship.

I also told the whole sordid story of how I came to be a coach for changemakers. 😉

Grab a big tea or double cocktail, because it’s an in-depth one!

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