When Your Dream Keeps Getting Swallowed by Busyness

Magnificent Soul!

I had a coachee who yearned to start a creative side-business for years.

But between a full-time job, kids, and just generally trying to keep up with life, this dream kept falling by the wayside due to busyness.

When she talked about this potential business, her eyes lit up. She told me she was just waiting for some time to open up in her life so she could fully dive into making it happen. I asked her how long she’d been waiting for that time to open up…

She said 7 years.

I told her, at this rate, she might be waiting until she’s dead for this time to magically open up. :p

So, I suggested something… I said, “Why don’t you start dedicating just ONE HOUR per week towards this dream? Almost anybody can scrounge up an hour a week despite their level of busyness. But you must SCHEDULE that hour in your calendar and treat it with the same reverence you would a dentist appointment or staff meeting.”

She expressed that an hour a week wasn’t going to be enough to build something at the level she was envisioning. I answered, “But it’s enough to start getting ACQUAINTED with your dream. You could research, do some strategizing, and take some very minor actions around it.

Just damn well start and two things will happen:

1. The seal of overwhelm will be broken
2. Momentum will be created

“And when momentum starts taking hold”, I told her, “you might be surprised by how you will eventually find other hours in your week. But for now, just get going on honouring your dream with one little hour a week.”

Dear One (I’m talking to you now)…we somehow find time to schedule in haircuts, board meetings, and kids’ soccer games, but so many of us don’t bother scheduling time for some of our most precious dreams because of busyness.

Then, we’re surprised when another five, 10 years go by and we haven’t put a dent in that thing that felt so meaningful to us because of our busyness.

So, what’s truly important to you that isn’t getting any real estate in your calendar? Starting an activism initiative? Writing a book? Being in prime shape? Meditation? Plant-based cooking? Learning to play the cello?

Open up your Calendar

I urge you right now to open up your datebook and schedule a ONE HOUR date (no more, no less) for the next four weeks. (I always say: If it doesn’t go in the calendar, it doesn’t usually GO, period).

To take any overwhelm out of those first sessions, make a list of mini-actions you could take chip away at in those hours… Whether that’s brainstorming chapter titles, researching music teachers, doing a recipe along with a video, making 5 phone calls to potential activism allies, or visiting potential gyms.

And commit to those weekly hour appointments like your dream depends on it (because it does).

Btw, 3 years after my coachee started doing this hour-a-week experiment, not only has she launched her business on Shopify, but she was able to quit her other job altogether to focus on her dream. 🙂

Take that, busyness!

I would love to know what little or big dream you’re going to chip away at and stop letting busyness overwhelm you. Hit REPLY and let me be a witness to your commitment!


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fast4hunger 2018


On June 19, I’ll be fasting for 30 hours as part of our Toronto Vegetarian Food Bank’s big fundraiser of the year…#Fast4Hunger.

TVFB is an initiative that my partner Matt Noble and I started 4 1/2 years ago to help both humans AND animals.

? Here is how that day went for me last year.

But it’s so worth it!

Because of fundraising initiative like these, we get to give cruelty-free, healthy, and eco-conscious groceries to 300 people every month…. From folks with diabetes or cancer whose doctors have told them they need to switch to a plant-based diet to activists who have fallen on tough times to refugees brand new to Canada & struggling to start their life here.

Food banks are used by people who are already incredibly down on their luck and feeling desperate…we didn’t want them to also have to compromise their health or their ethics when they were already in such a vulnerable place.

If you’d like to help keep the veg food bank alive and well for another year, CLICK HERE TO DONATE to my#Fast4Hunger page.

Thanks for the love!

Power Up Workshop cropped

Calling all mission-driven entrepreneurs, activists, healers, community leaders, and those wanting to make a bigger difference in the world!

I’m teaming up with my dear friend and digital strategist genius Jenn to bring you a night that will arm you with two of the most powerful tools you need as a changemaker…an effective social media strategy and an empowering self-care routine.


AJ - whale ban


It’s not often that Canada’s political system does right by animals, but Monday was a precious exception…


My organization Animal Justice has been fighting for a very long time to have this bill passed, so the happy tears have been flowing!

We still have so far to go for all the other animals in captivity from factory farms to zoos to breeding facilities who are considered “property” under Canadian law, but this is some wind under our sails to keep working towards a better tomorrow for animals.

Btw, boycotting any place that keeps animals in captivity (Marineland, zoos, Ripley’s Aquarium), and encouraging those you know to do the same, is one of the most direct ways to help end suffering for animals imprisoned for human entertainment.

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