5 Free Audio Mini-Workshops to Shift Your Days

Magnificent Soul:

This past week, I released a “Life Reboot Sampler” series on social media. I shared five of the daily audio mini-workshops from my Life Reboot Program, one per day, to help folks boost their September and give them a taste of the daily content of this life-changing program.

Since my mailing list and blog readers are my faves, I wanted to share the links for all five mini-workshops here conveniently in one place for your enjoyment!

One of the most powerful aspects of my 7-week Life Reboot Program is the 49 days of morning audio lessons with experiential visualizations/meditations, entertaining and soulful teachings, and innovative exercises that use your own life as your classroom. They are designed to shift you on a deep inner level and then root the work with practical strategies.

Check out one of these short audio workshops…or all of them!

And just a reminder that my fall Life Reboots start in a week (one runs Tuesday evenings and one on Wednesday evenings) and TODAY is the last day for early bird pricing which will save you $100!

Hope you’ll join me for this wild ride!

LR sampler - Day 1

In this 17-minute audio workshop from Day 1 (Awareness Week), we look at how much space you have in your life, why you might feel squeezed, practical steps for starting to create more breathing room in your life, and a tangible experience of space through the day’s visualization.


LR Sampler - Joy

In this 10-minute audio workshop from Day 33 (Power Week), we explore why joy might be taking a backseat in your life, practical ways to start weaving joy into your everyday life, and a delightful visualization guaranteed to bring you insta-joy!


LR Sampler- Self-Love

This 13-minute audio workshop from Day 24 (Love Week) is all about growing that relationship with yourself… Why love has to be in you to truly come to you, fun and powerful tools for cultivating self-love, and a touching visualization to connect to your sweet self.


LR Sampler - day 16

In this 17-minute audio workshop from Day 16 (Transform Week) we start getting a little messy as we explore our “shadow self”…the parts of ourselves we reject and keep hidden.

We do a powerful visualization to get in touch with our more primal nature, identify our shadow qualities & start investigating why they got sent underground in the first place.


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