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Let's Work Together

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These FREE Zoom gatherings are a place of deep (and fun!) learning, coaching and community for those trying to make the world a better place.
A power coaching experience to tackle and transform a specific obstacle or project in your life or work. In-person or via phone or video-call.
A 3-month coaching intensive of healing, customized tools and habits, and a clear action plan to ignite you and your big-hearted initiatives.

Hi Friends! I'm Kimberly and I'm a coach for changemakers.​

I’m also a passionate world citizen & a director with Animal Justice & Toronto Vegetarian Food Bank.

Whether you’re a mission-driven entrepreneur or leader, an activist, healer, influencer, or  teacher…a life priority of yours is trying to make the world a better place (and I already love you for that!!)

But I know first-hand how challenging making a difference can really be! Sometimes it feels like you’re trying to climb a mountain you can’t even see the top of. It’s hard not to get stupid-overwhelmed and feel isolated, exhausted, and like what you do is never enough.

Well, I can tell you from my own journey and from hundreds of my coachees and students… when you’re miserable, scattered, or depleted, your good work suffers. And this aching world can’t exactly afford that right now, can it?

My specialty is empowering changemakers. With over 13 years as a coach and 18 years as a leader for change, I can guide you in cultivating the vitality, presence, love, and strategy to build a remarkable life and a better world.

Together, we’ll create for you the deep self-growth, effective habits, and brilliant action plans to power up you and your mission.

Become part of my community of loving world-changers by subscribing above and check out the ways we can work together HERE

Big Loving Hugs,

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Who is a changemaker?

Changemakers do work (paid or unpaid) to make a positive difference in the world. And they do it through a variety of ways like:

  • mentoring
  • running a socially conscious business
  • writing
  • community organizing
  • socially conscious parenting
  • counselling/coaching/healing
  • politics
  • fostering
  • moving your company toward better wellness
  • grassroots activism
  • working at a non-profit
  • being an influencer
  • teaching
  • spearheading workplace charitable or social justice initiatives
  • empowering art
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Take in Some Inspiration

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charlotte caunter, lady wearing green smiling

I now have so much joy in my life and a sense of clarity

Kimberly’s 1:1 coaching & coaching programs were the reason I was able to thrive during cancer. I had a very difficult year and felt lost and imbalanced. She helped me to identify how I was holding myself back in my life and she did it with such grace, ease and kindness. Kimberly provided me with concrete tools that I could utilize on a daily basis. I felt very empowered for the first time in my life and felt balanced in mind, body and soul. I now have so much joy in my life and a sense of clarity.

Charlotte Caunter, Cancer Coach
lucas solowey, man with beard wearing hat and smiling

She feels like a fairy godmother for activists

I love the whole Kimberly package… She’s a great listener, creates a feeling of a safe cozy space, helps people open up and confront issues and then find an action plan to make everything tangible. She feels like a fairy godmother for activists.

Lucas Solowey, Changemaker - Public Relations, Marketing and Communications Specialist
denise linn, woman smiling wearing red with dark hair

You walk into a room with Kimberly and your heart opens

I love Kimberly Carroll — she’s just wonderful! She brings light into a room…literally. You walk into a room with Kimberly and your heart opens.

Denise Linn, Best-Selling Author, Healer, and Founder of Soul Coaching® on her HayHouse Radio show
rohit tamhane, man smiling in plaid jacket

Kimberly is possibly the most dedicated individual I have met

Having consistently invested in coaches and courses over the last 13 years, Kimberly is possibly the most dedicated individual I have met. She was willing to do whatever it took for me to face and overcoming personal and professional challenges.

Rohit Tamhané, CEO - Arcadia Homecare
mary beth taylor

I decided to start a business which has become quite a success and has raised $16 MM for charity so far

I want you to know that your course changed my life. I left a job that wasn’t the right fit. I got pregnant during the course and now have a beautiful son. I decided to start a business which became quite a success and raised millions for charity. So, think of me and know that I treasure you very, very much.

Mary Beth Taylor, Fundraising Executive
Kaeleigh Phillips

I dove into every part of my life

Working with Kimberly changed the course of my life. I always wanted to attend law school and become a lawyer, but was very uncertain whether I could reach that goal. With Kimberly’s patience and deeply caring guidance, I dove into every part of my life and navigated through my insecurities and came out with clarity and most importantly, self love.

I applied for law school and wrote my LSATS after the Life Reboot Program. Now, I am happy to say that I am in law school!


Kaeleigh Phillips, Activist and Law Student

Kimberly has helped me through it and keeps me strong for every investigation

I’m an undercover investigator with a major animal protection organization. My job is to go undercover at factory farms and slaughterhouses to document what farmed animals endure every day. My job is heart-breaking and horrible, but Kimberly has helped me through it and keeps me strong for every investigation. As a fellow activist, she understands the issues in a way others can’t. She has helped me immensely; she has kept me centred and grounded, as well as given me tools and coping techniques to keep going so I can do my job and continue being there for the animals, telling their stories and making real and lasting change for them.

Anonymous Undercover Investigator
anne bokma, lady smiling with glasses

Kimberly’s a personal trainer for the soul

Kimberly’s a personal trainer for the soul. Instead of hoisting weights, she gets you doing some uplifting heavy lifting. She combines the warrior-like attitude of the Biblical Jael (who was known to hammer a tent peg through the skull of an enemy in battle) with the ethereal essence of a worldly-but-saintly, alabaster-skinned Mary Magdalene. She taught me how to cultivate a deeper, more loving relationship with myself and the value in developing a set of regular soulful practices that have helped to fortify me in my life.

Anne Bokma, Author of "My Year of Living Spiritually"

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