Turning New Year Possibility into Reality

Happy New Year Sweet Ones!!

POSSIBILITY. I think that’s what the New Year most represents for me.

That delicious moment in time when we feel we could actually create our year and our life, instead of our year and life just happening to us.

Unfortunately, many folks find this air of possibility fading before the first week of January is even over. BUT, not you…not this year.

Use possibility as the spark to build your FIRE. 

I’m here to encourage you to schedule a time in your calendar asap to get more deliberate around this new year. In this time (it can be as little as a half-hour), try to:

  1. Get still and quiet the mind a little, then use breath, writing, music, or movement to get tuned into your heart and gut.
  2. Feel into what it is you truly yearn for in 2023 and write it down stream-of-consciousness
  3. Identify the top 3 goals (work and personal) that are most calling to you
  4. Make a tangible plan for how to cultivate these – whether it be a rough year-long sketch-out or simply the very detailed steps you’ll take THIS week.
  5. Put this plan in your calendar to keep you accountable. If you start off only planning for a week, make sure you set aside time at the end of that week to then plan the following week.

I know it seems simple, but this basic process to transform possibility into reality is one that surprisingly few people ever do. And for those of us wanting to change the world, creating a new reality is a must!

You don’t need to make it complicated

I’ve been taking this week to work on focusing and organizing my own goals for the year ahead, and I’ve been doing a version of this process myself. Sure, I’ve gotten a little more fancy over the years in my planning with a project management system, content calendars, and a word of the year to guide me, but it all still comes down to this simple formula at its core.

A little space, tuning in, and deliberateness can go a long way in our mission and in our fulfillment.

“And now we welcome the new year, full of things that have never been.” – Rainer Maria Rilke

Hugs, Kimberly

P.S. If you’d like to do an even deeper process to create your 2023, check out my intimate and powerful Word of the Year WorkshopThe first two workshops are sold-out, but I just added a third one on Wednesday, Jan. 18 (more details below)

Word of the Year Workshops

What quality is calling to you for 2023? Dare? Breathe? Curious? KICKASS? Soften? Liberation? Vitality? Serenity? Crimson? Nourish?…..???

This soulful, fun, and powerful evening takes place via Zoom. With a limit of 10 participants, there will be plenty of chances for sharing and individual guidance from me.

In this 3-hour workshop, we’ll use mindfulness exercises, potent visualization journeys, release work, & accountability strategies to:

  • mine 2022 for its best gifts and lessons
  • do a ritual to release what you DON’T want to take into 2023
  • get clear on what you are truly longing for in this year ahead
  • uncover your specific word/energy of the year
  • learn tools to energize your quality and to tangibly weave it into your year ahead

REGISTER HERE – Jan. 18 – 7-10pm

I hope you’ll join me and the wonderful circle of beings from the community that comes together for these workshops. We’ll have you kicking off 2023 deliberately and wholeheartedly!

Focusing & Activating Your 2023 Animal Advocacy Goals

I’ll be putting on this hour-long workshop in Animal Justice Academy on Jan. 12: Focusing & Activating Your 2023 Animal Advocacy Goals.

Want to make sure your animal advocacy goals don’t get left in the dust this year? Not sure where you should put your focus? Feeling overwhelmed by how to get it all done?

I’ll be taking folks through a process to identify, energize, and execute your work for animals this year so it can be the most effective possible.

In this spirited and hands-on workshop, you’ll brainstorm possible goals with fellow advocates, and then use the formula of “passion + assets + need” to focus in on the best animal advocacy options for you at this juncture.

I’ll then help you create a step-by-step gameplan for making your goals a reality, and give you tips for staying committed to and inspired in your work ahead.

Come with paper and pen and ready to get to work!

REGISTER (free!)

Animal Justice Academy Wins!

Speaking of Animal Justice Academy, READ ABOUT the year that was in AJA – the initiative I run on behalf of Animal Justice. From 8000 animal lovers now enrolled in the program, to numerous letters to the editor published in national papers, to AJA’ers meeting with their MPs to block the federal Canadian ag gag bill… this AJA director is awfully proud!

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