Kimberly’s program is thorough, well constructed, intelligent and thought-provoking. Although it is designed to push you into asking questions and making discoveries you never had before — some of them uncomfortably true — it is all conducted within a gentle and supportive environment that makes the process encouraging. I have done the program twice now and am genuinely impressed and surprised at how I have seen people in my groups change before my eyes over the seven weeks, and how many come away looking lighter and more purposeful than when they came in. For me, Life Reboot opened up a lot of questions and ideas that percolated in my head long after I completed the program and laid the foundation for many more benefits.I credit her program with providing me a lot of healing and revelation. And the biggest bonus of the Life Reboot programs is Kimberly herself and her startling intuition, that can help anyone cut through the crap holding them back.