When I found Kimberly’s program (or it found me), I was emotionally drained, physically depleted, and spiritually stuck. It was affecting all aspects of my life but I didn’t know which direction to go to change it. I had never heard of Kimberly’s program and had no idea what to expect. I took the leap anyway. During the program, I was given tools to truly help me uncover and understand why I was feeling so chaotic, break it all down, and rebuild. After 34 years, I was actually learning things about myself (behavior, patterns, voids, barriers) that I had never knew existed. Kimberly was literally there every step of the way to guide, inspire, comfort, and motivate. She was truly the compass that pointed me in the right direction. No matter what your struggles, no matter what you are seeking in any area of your life, this workshop will be your beacon of light.