Discovered my extrovert self

colette miller

Synchronicities are a fine thing and finding Kimberly and her program was everything I could have hoped for and more. I can be painful introvert and through the journey of this program I discovered my extrovert self that was dying to break out and be present and enjoy life. Not only do I feel more […]

Unabashedly fun

Kimberly’s Life Reboot Program is definitely a dynamic, fun, challenging and life changing experience. Somehow Kimberly manages to make this process fun, thought provoking and rewarding while at the same time challenging, introspective and with such remarkable depth and insight. Kimberly is kind, mindful, adaptable and unabashedly fun. I would highly recommend the Life Reboot […]

Kimberly’s a personal trainer for the soul

anne bokma, lady smiling with glasses

Kimberly’s a personal trainer for the soul. Instead of hoisting weights, she gets you doing some uplifting heavy lifting. She combines the warrior-like attitude of the Biblical Jael (who was known to hammer a tent peg through the skull of an enemy in battle) with the ethereal essence of a worldly-but-saintly, alabaster-skinned Mary Magdalene. She […]

Useful, secular approaches to self-awareness and self-care

Like many men my age, I was always encouraged to suppress and ignore my feelings, to not think too deeply about myself or my conditioning, and to ‘suck it up’ when it came to stress and negative thoughts. Taking Kimberly Carroll’s Life Reboot Program helped me undo a lot of the damage in my life […]

Kimberly helped me find myself

I took Kimberly’s course as I was stuck. I felt like a gerbil on a wheel going through life and not getting anywhere. Kimberly helped me find myself and allow me to just BE and be alright with who I was and where I am. Thanks Kimberly and hugs.

Not only soul-changing but FUN at the same time

When I signed up for Kimberly’s program, I was happy with many aspects of my life, but in others I just felt stuck. Kimberly offered me the tools to help tap into my own power to propel myself forward into the life I want to live. I did not know just how much of a […]

My energy has totally changed

My energy has totally changed from the beginning of the Life Reboot Program to the end. Kimberly has been a caring coach that consistently checked in to ensure our well-being during the program.

Truly amazed with how comprehensive the program is

The Life Reboot Program has been just that for me. I was truly amazed with how comprehensive the program is and with the level of support we all received from Kimberly. Although I was familiar with many of the teachings and some of the techniques used, I had been applying them in my life in […]

A kind, loving and inspiring teacher

The Life Reboot Program turned my pilot light back on, it has given me hope.  Kimberly is a kind, loving and inspiring teacher.  Her authenticity is comforting and her vibrancy infectious. My life is definitely better having discovered the Life Reboot Program and Kimberly.

Never been one to sit still for very long or let alone meditate…

Kimberly: I have never been one to sit still for very long or let alone meditate and visualize, but once I heard your calming and soothing voice all that changed for me. You can make me completely forget everything else around me except for that moment that you are walking us though a visualization or meditation. Taking this coaching course […]

Amazing, eye-opening, life changing

Kimberly — thank-you so much for your amazing, eye-opening, life changing program. I went into it without realizing how unhappy and unfulfilled I felt and finished the program feeling more open, optimistic, content and positive then I ever have. It was a truly amazing experience that has changed me. You have such a gift for […]

Providing a spark to ignite my inner peace

With Kimberly’s stellar personality, this program provided me with tools to deal with life’s challenges. Overall, this experience has enlightened my frame of mind, while providing a spark to ignite my inner peace.

An extraordinary journey

The program with Kimberly Carroll was an extraordinary journey! The techniques along with Kimberly’s added flavour allowed me to dive into some untapped areas of my self…giving me the opportunity to re-awaken to my endless possibilities with a renewed sense of focus.

Integrity, support & sensitivity

I had initial ambivalence about whether to do Kimberly’s program or not. However, I was grateful to find the integrity, support & sensitivity offered by Kimberly and the other participants made this such a fulfilling experience.

I cannot tell you how safe and relaxed I felt

I loved working for the OSPCA, my job was a dream come true, and then it ended when I was laid off. Depressed, feeling sorry for myself, and unable to find a job in this area, I stayed closed up in my dark dwelling and began to shut down. I knew I needed help, and […]

Almost like we are newlyweds again

During Kimberly’s program, I decided and accepted that who I was is enough and that I can love who I am.  Upon that revelation, I decided to that it was time again to start showing my husband how much I loved him and sharing with him my sexual side that I had been repressing because […]

Tools on how to manifest that big dream

My experience in Kimberly’s program was amazing! She has a genuine way about her, is present and fully shows up in a BIG way! For anybody looking to explore within, find some clarity or needs tools on how to manifest that big dream… This program is for YOU!

I was emotionally drained, physically depleted, and spiritually stuck

When I found Kimberly’s program (or it found me), I was emotionally drained, physically depleted, and spiritually stuck. It was affecting all aspects of my life but I didn’t know which direction to go to change it. I had never heard of Kimberly’s program and had no idea what to expect. I took the leap […]

She knew exactly how to help each of us

Kimberly created a safe and beautiful harbour from the get go. I started with a group of strangers and by the time the course ended we were all soul sisters. Kimberly kept a vigilant eye over our group and made us all feel taken care of. She wasn’t just an instructor, she cared. We were […]

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