A more joyous and prosperous life

Nick Wright

What started with help fine-tuning presentation skills turned into a truly life changing journey, a new level of self-understanding and a more joyous and prosperous life. Kimberly is highly skilled and an absolute pleasure. I highly recommend her coaching to anyone seeking to overcome obstacles and live a fuller, more connected life.

Balanced in mind, body and soul

charlotte caunter, lady wearing green smiling

Kimberly’s 1:1 coaching & coaching programs were the reason I was able to thrive during cancer. I had a very difficult year and felt lost and imbalanced. She helped me to identify how I was holding myself back in my life and she did it with such grace, ease and kindness. Kimberly provided me with […]

Not trapped by my childhood sexual abuse anymore

I am a strong, successful, beautiful woman with many gifts in her life. I am not trapped by my childhood sexual abuse anymore. I have found that I have the freedom and breath to make my own choice. I choose to live today, to be present and to exercise my emotional intelligence with no apology. […]

One of the most impactful experiences in my life

Beth Crystal

Kimberly is an incredibly intuitive and wise person who can work with you to cut through layers of beliefs, thoughts and actions and help you to access your soul. From that sacred place she helps you to make shifts so that you can live your life in a meaningful way that reflects your authentic self.

Realizing my strengths and getting clear


If you’re looking to become the most expansive version of yourself, look no further …working with Kimberly will change your life. The most significant value I took out of it was two-fold: (1) owning past trauma and letting it empower me rather than allowing it to control me and my happiness; and (2) realizing my […]

Kimberly is truly a miracle worker

I had experienced some deep trauma and though I was able to do some self work, I was not able resolve my emotional blockages.  I had seen therapists, a psychologist, and a psychiatrist but to no avail. When I first met Kimberly, I was skeptical, but I was determined to try my best.  I will […]

Working with Kimberly changed the course of my life

Kaeleigh Phillips

I always wanted to attend law school and become a lawyer, but was very uncertain whether I could reach that goal. With Kimberly’s patience and deeply caring guidance, I dove into every part of my life and navigated through my insecurities and came out with clarity and most importantly, self love. I applied for law […]

Rare combination of healing gifts and entrepreneurial smarts

Laura ranieri

Powerful, intuitive, fastidiously organized and unbelievably generous, Kimberly Carroll is unique in the world of coaching. Her intensive and life-shifting Life Reboot programs and individual coaching sessions always exceed expectations. After five years, I continue to work with her for both business and life coaching, as she combines a rare combination of healing gifts and […]

She literally helped change my life forever

doug mcnish, man smiling

As a chef and entrepreneur I was at a point where I did a lot, but I wasn’t actually there to appreciate it all, nor did I take the time to take care of myself. I was struggling with some perception of self worth and self value, something I think we all do, but especially […]

Kimberly has helped me through it and keeps me strong for every investigation

I’m an undercover investigator with a major animal protection organization. My job is to go undercover at factory farms and slaughterhouses to document what farmed animals endure every day. My job is heart-breaking and horrible, but Kimberly has helped me through it and keeps me strong for every investigation. As a fellow activist, she understands […]

You’ve helped to wake the sleeping giant inside me

Kimberly is the closest thing to an angel I’ve met in person. Working with her through even the most difficult and painful issues is always inspiring and beautiful, and I felt safe and loved through every moment. The depth of both care and insight she offers are boundless, and I am grateful to have been […]

5 steps to feel better and make more impact as a changemaker

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