When Those Close to You Don’t “Get It”

When Those Close to You Don’t “Get It” As activists, leaders, and social entrepreneurs in social justice arenas, we’re often not understood by much of the world and have to deal with a lot of opposition from those in the status quo. That’s what makes it extra tough when those who are closest to us also don’t […]

Silently Body-Shaming Others

“They shouldn’t be wearing THAT!” We’ve all been guilty of this kind of judgment… Here’s how to transform this toxic reaction. Since it’s summer and folks are wearing a whole array of clothing — from skimpy to flowy to wild — I thought this would be a good time to explore all the judgment that […]

Meditation for Changemakers

Meditation is a must-have tool for those who are trying to create change in this world. Meditation is a must-have tool for those who are trying to create change in this world. Not only does it cultivate more self-awareness and inner peace, but meditation also builds tolerance and resilience, increases presence and creativity, and helps […]

Overwhelmed by a Project or “To Do”?

Instead of falling into procrastination or running around like your hair’s on fire, here’s a powerful little secret for breaking through overwhelm. One of the things I hear over and over from changemakers… “I’m so OVERWHELMED!” Of course we’re overwhelmed! The world and her inhabitants are ACHING, and there are so few of us truly […]

Toxic Self-Talk & How to Change It

Negative self-talk drains changemakers… Can you imagine what a blow it would be to your sense of empowerment if every minute of the day, at every turn, you had someone in your face telling you how you’re falling short, pointing out how people don’t like you, and whispering in your ear how dumb / selfish […]

Increasing Your Powers of Persuasion

If we want to change the world, we need to be able to change hearts and minds. We need to be able to persuade folks – whether they be politicians, colleagues, powers-that-be, or just family and friends – to buy into our vision of a better world. In this workshop, we explore what elements increase […]

Doing a Stress Diagnostic

Assess your stressors and apply this stress reduction formula… If you’re simply a human in this modern world, never mind a changemaker, you’re likely to have a lot of stress in your life. Not only does too much ongoing stress make you less effective in your important work, it could eventually lead to full burnout. […]

The Biggest Jerks Can Be Your Most Important Teachers

They’re the thorns in your side that you wish you didn’t have to deal with… The boss with a short fuse. The neighbour who blasts Guns N’ Roses first thing every Saturday morning. The friend who always takes digs at your activism. The teenage daughter who looks at you with ever-growing levels of disdain. None […]

FACE: A Tool for When You’re Struggling

Are you dealing with a difficult situation? The path of a changemaker isn’t an easy one, and it’s hard to be effective helping others if you’re feeling stuck yourself. In this Changemaker Sessions, we test-drive FACE… a 4-step powerful and easy-to-remember tool I’ve developed for helping you through difficult situations and feelings. Whether you’re facing […]

Are You Suffering From “Comparitis”?

Comparison kills connection and clobbers our uniqueness. Let’s explore 4 powerful ways to keep “comparitis” away… I always used to feel a real kick to the stomach when I compared myself to others. And THEN when social media was added to the equation? It was like a constant stomach throttling… They’re so super-productive…I feel like […]

5 Steps for Building a Habit That Sticks

A simple formula you can utilize right NOW. Being an effective changemaker means having powerful habits in place. Is there a habit that would really help your life or work, but you’ve had a hard time making happen? In this Changemaker Sessions, we workshop a formula for establishing a new habit and making it STICK. […]

Not Letting the Year Get Away from You

Quarterly/Seasonal goal check-ins will keep your 2023 goals on-track I worked a lot with changemakers at the start of the year to determine the projects, habits, or energies they were looking to cultivate in 2023. Now Spring is here and, as they say in business, the first quarter is almost complete. This is an ideal […]

5 Ways for Changemakers to Cultivate Vital Joy

Joy isn’t a luxury for changemakers…it’s a necessity.  As people deeply concerned with the state of the world, creating joy can seem like the LAST thing we have time for. But that thinking is a BIG mistake. The thing is, joy is like FUEL for changemakers and our missions. It’s a revitalizing and expansive energy […]

What to Do With the Pain?

changemaker pain

You’ve probably heard the term “compassion fatigue”? It can happen when you’re constantly taking in the pain of the world and don’t know what to do with it. Whether it’s the sorrow of working with beings who are deeply hurting, the hopelessness of facing impossible odds, anger at those standing in the way of change, […]

Are You Glass-Half-Full or Half-Empty?

To be effective and enduring changemakers, we can’t just focus on with what’s WRONG with the world, but what’s GOOD. Here are some tools to help you with that. If you know me at all, you’ll probably hear me talking about the great value of joy, presence, and love. So, you might be a little […]

A More Deliberate, Productive Week

Are you working hard to make a difference in the world, but feel like you’re just never getting enough done? Well, I’m a big believer in working smarter, not harder. In this Changemakers Sessions, I teach you some techniques for setting up and optimizing your week so your most meaningful projects and dreams stay on-track […]

How to Keep Your Cool with “Opponents”

When you’re a changemaker, you often face a lot of opposition in the world, your communities, and even with your own family and friends. Sometimes it’s people who are very ideologically set against your cause. Other times, it’s just folks who are uncomfortable, for whatever reason, with the changes you’re personally trying to make. Either […]

Getting Out of Robot Mode

On Feb 7th, I launched The Changemaker Sessions with the theme of “Getting Out of Robot Mode“! With our world in such an urgent state of trouble, our kneejerk reaction, as people trying to create change, can be to go into pure autopilot in an effort to buckle down and get things done as efficiently as […]

Turning New Year Possibility into Reality

Happy New Year Sweet Ones!! POSSIBILITY. I think that’s what the New Year most represents for me. That delicious moment in time when we feel we could actually create our year and our life, instead of our year and life just happening to us. Unfortunately, many folks find this air of possibility fading before the first week […]

Rock The Damn Boat

Are you afraid of blowback from speaking up for what you believe in? Here’s the trick for making yourself bullet-proof… Many of the changemakers I work with are empathetic, natural peacemakers, and often kind-to-a-fault. These can be great qualities for caring about the state of the world, but challenging qualities for calling out the state of the […]

5 steps to feel better and make more impact as a changemaker

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