Healthy and Effective Social Media Habits

Changemakers have a love/hate relationship with social media… It can be frustrating, demoralizing, and a huge time suck, YET it can be a very powerful tool in collaborating with and influencing others in your mission. In this installment of The Changemaker Sessions, we put habits in place to prevent getting hijacked by social media and, […]

And You Thought It Was Just About Time Management

As a changemaker, we need to be regularly exploring, reconfirming, and weaving our true priorities into our daily schedules… I was listening to high-performance expert Brendon Burchard the other day talking about time management. This is a topic I’ve immersed myself in for the last few years and really nerd-out on, so there isn’t much […]

Tools for Anxiety

Changemakers are regularly tuning into the pain, injustices, and urgency of the state of the world, so it’s not surprising that anxiety is a common affliction for those trying to make a difference. Many folks don’t realize how damaging anxiety can be to them and their mission… It can gravely impair your level of awareness, […]

Focusing & Activating Your Year’s Goals

This year ahead desperately needs changemakers. So, in the year’s first installment of The Changemaker Sessions, we’re going to get you focused and activated! Feeling lost about where best to put your energies? Not sure what projects are right for you? Feeling overwhelmed by the need to get it all done? In this spirited and […]

Cultivating Appreciation to Stay Resilient

As changemakers, we’re regularly tuning into the problems, injustices, and pain of the world to try to counteract them. If we’re not careful, though, this tuning in can also leave us feeling angry, hopeless, and alienated… not exactly the state monumental change flows out of. That’s why the practice of appreciation is such a vital […]

Bridge-Building in Times of Conflict

We’re in a time when the temptation to pick a side and villainize the other runs high. As these dangerous levels of polarization, black-and-white thinking, and confirmation bias escalate, the possibility of a healthy society and planet grows dimmer. That’s why the world needs skilled bridge-builders more than ever. In this workshop, we explore how […]

Activating Your Unique Form of Power

It takes a lot of personal power to help change the world, and the flavour of that power will be very different for each changemaker at different points in their journey. In this workshop, we take a situation or area of your life or mission that you wish you could feel more empowered in and […]

Finding the Courage to Put Yourself Out There

You have important things you want to do in the world, and those may require you to do things like speaking up when it’s not comfortable, figuring out how to do things you’ve never done before, being willing to be seen and inspire others, and rocking the boat… sometimes loudly and very publicly. These are […]

Truth and Reconciliation with my Uber driver

“Can you imagine what it would have been like, when you were 5 years old, to be torn away from your parents and taken to a far-off place where they cut off all your hair, changed your name, forbid you to speak the only language you knew, and treated you like you were a ‘savage’?” […]

A Practice I Do Every Morning

The MIND DUMP as a daily practice clears space in the head & body and eases anxiety… I’ve talk a lot about how vital it is for my work as a coach and activist to start my day with practices that cultivate my awareness, loving-kindness, and power. The contents of my morning session have morphed […]

When Those Close to You Don’t “Get It”

As activists, leaders, and social entrepreneurs in social justice arenas, we’re often not understood by much of the world and have to deal with a lot of opposition from those in the status quo. That’s what makes it extra tough when those who are closest to us also don’t share our worldview, don’t support our work, or […]

Silently Body-Shaming Others

“They shouldn’t be wearing THAT!” We’ve all been guilty of this kind of judgment… Here’s how to transform this toxic reaction. Since it’s summer and folks are wearing a whole array of clothing — from skimpy to flowy to wild — I thought this would be a good time to explore all the judgment that […]

Meditation for Changemakers

Meditation is a must-have tool for those who are trying to create change in this world. Not only does it cultivate more self-awareness and inner peace, but meditation also builds tolerance and resilience, increases presence and creativity, and helps to manage stress and negative emotions. But how the hell do you actually meditate and how […]

Overwhelmed by a Project or “To Do”?

Instead of falling into procrastination or running around like your hair’s on fire, here’s a powerful little secret for breaking through overwhelm. One of the things I hear over and over from changemakers… “I’m so OVERWHELMED!” Of course we’re overwhelmed! The world and her inhabitants are ACHING, and there are so few of us truly […]

Toxic Self-Talk & How to Change It

Can you imagine what a blow it would be to your sense of empowerment if every minute of the day, at every turn, you had someone in your face telling you how you’re falling short, pointing out how people don’t like you, and whispering in your ear how dumb / selfish / fat / boring […]

Increasing Your Powers of Persuasion

If we want to change the world, we need to be able to change hearts and minds. We need to be able to persuade folks – whether they be politicians, colleagues, powers-that-be, or just family and friends – to buy into our vision of a better world. In this workshop, we explore what elements increase […]

Doing a Stress Diagnostic

Assess your stressors and apply this stress reduction formula… If you’re simply a human in this modern world, never mind a changemaker, you’re likely to have a lot of stress in your life. Not only does too much ongoing stress make you less effective in your important work, it could eventually lead to full burnout. […]

The Biggest Jerks Can Be Your Most Important Teachers

They’re the thorns in your side that you wish you didn’t have to deal with… The boss with a short fuse. The neighbour who blasts Guns N’ Roses first thing every Saturday morning. The friend who always takes digs at your activism. The teenage daughter who looks at you with ever-growing levels of disdain. None […]

FACE: A Tool for When You’re Struggling

Are you dealing with a difficult situation? The path of a changemaker isn’t an easy one, and it’s hard to be effective helping others if you’re feeling stuck yourself. In this Changemaker Sessions, we test-drive FACE… a 4-step powerful and easy-to-remember tool I’ve developed for helping you through difficult situations and feelings. Whether you’re facing […]

Are You Suffering From “Comparitis”?

Comparison kills connection and clobbers our uniqueness. Let’s explore 4 powerful ways to keep “comparitis” away… I always used to feel a real kick to the stomach when I compared myself to others. And THEN when social media was added to the equation? It was like a constant stomach throttling… They’re so super-productive…I feel like […]

5 steps to feel better and make more impact as a changemaker

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