Is that all there is?

Dear One:

Have you had those moments in your life when you finally finish that big project you poured everything into and instead of celebrating, you immediately start obsessing over the next goal?

Have you exhausted yourself fighting so hard for something, but it doesn’t even seem to make a difference?

Have you found yourself finally scoring the relationship, the job, the toys, the renovation, the holiday, or the accolades that you THOUGHT would make you happy, but still can’t escape that deep sense of dissatisfaction?

Is that all there is?

This is a question Peggy Lee sang back in 1969 and one that most humans ask at some point in their life.

It’s certainly a question I asked myself in my late 20s when I was an energetic, semi-successful television host with a life that looked pretty great (even kind of glamorous) from the outside looking in.

What people couldn’t see, though, was that I was working 70 hours a week, I was wracked with anxiety, and I felt terribly disconnected from myself and the life I was living. I did have a natural zest for life and love for others, but what was driving the show was this deep-seated fear that I wasn’t ENOUGH.

Instead of cultivating appreciation, I just grasped for MORE.

Instead of taking the time to feel and heal my pain, I jammed all my moments full of work and distractions.

Instead of learning to love and accept myself I chased after love from others, which of course was never enough.

I was so focused on always doing that I was shit at BEING. Most people didn’t realize the pain that was hidden under that bright smile.

Is that all there is?

That question and the deep feeling of emptiness that accompanied it finally kicked my ass onto a path of truly exploring what me and life were all about.

It’s a question that took me on a multi-year adventure… I immersed myself in learning different philosophies, modalities, and healing processes. I travelled the world looking for meaning. And I travelled inward to start getting to know my true nature.

The answer I found is… THERE IS SO MUCH MORE than what I ever realized.

That answer came through cultivating space, acceptance, meaning, connection (to myself, others, and the moment), and deep appreciation in my life.

The tools to get into these places (the same tools I share in my Life Reboot Program) came through a long process of trial and error, but eventually led to me to stop sleepwalking through my life and WAKE UP.

Eventually I even gave up my career in television to work for the causes I truly believed in and became a guide for others wanting to live bolder, more meaningful lives.

If you’ve found the “Is that all there is?” question coming up for you, then I want you to know about my Life Reboot Program. It’s the program I wish had been available to me back when I first started connecting to that aching call to live a deeper more ALIVE life.

It contains the best lessons, techniques, and tools I’ve collected and created through my personal journey and from coaching hundreds of others in their journeys to create a remarkable life and a better world.
What you need to know about this one-of-a-kind 7-week personal growth adventure…

– It’s intense (there’s a daily component). It’s intimate (I only take 10 people maximum per program). It can be delightfully rowdy. And for those who are ready, it’s life-changing (go to the bottom of this page to see what past Life Rebooters have to say).

– You don’t just show up for a weekly workshop and then go away and forget about it for the rest of the week. Step-by-step for 49 days, I’m personally guiding you (and sometimes lovingly kicking your butt) into the places you need to heal and power up.

– You’ll start each day strong with my audio mini-workshops and their experiential visualizations/meditations, entertaining and soulful teachings, and innovative exercises that will use your own life as your classroom.

– You have access to me daily via personalized email coaching.

– The weekly in-person workshops are like a sanctuary for your soul – both relaxing and exhilarating – with exploratory or healing exercises, laser coaching, meditation, life strategizing, lively sharing, deep guided journeys to create energetic shifts, and lots of laughter and celebration.

– You’ll be part of a close-knit crew of dynamic and kind people who will help take your journey to a whole other level through masterminding and shared momentum.
In just TWO WEEKS I’ll be taking a small brigade of personal trailblazers in the Toronto area through this life overhaul. (For those of you outside of Toronto, I’ve got something special brewing for you in 2019)

If something tugged at you reading this email, please do yourself a favour and take the two minutes to click and find out how the Life Reboot Program works.

Btw, I recently did a revamp of the Life Reboot Program page to try to explain this magical and mysterious Reboot process better, so even if you’ve visited the page before, you might want to check it out again.

And if you have questions about whether the program’s right for you, please drop me a line and let’s chat!



P.S. One of those causes I left my career in television to focus on? Check it out below…

​​​​​​​Kimberly Goes Silent for ANIMAL JUSTICE 

AJ - voiceless image

THIS SATURDAY I will be going silent for 24 hours to combat animal cruelty via an organization I adore working with… Animal Justice.

Over the last few years of being on the Animal Justice team, I’ve seen animal issues move into the courtrooms, media outlets, political corridors, and public conversation in Canada like never before.

From the calf sick and isolated in a veal crate to the mama dog trapped and abused in a puppy mill to the rabbit being tortured in cosmetic testing lab… Please help us take our work to end the suffering of animals to yet a whole new level by SPONSORING ME to go #VOICELESS4ANIMALJUSTICE!

And a little by-product…your donations also get me to shut up for a day. 😉

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