Grad Circles

Grad Circles are a powerful opportunity to reconnect to the expansiveness you had coming out of the Life Reboot Program or Soul Coaching Program and to work with any new challenges that may be surfacing in your life.

SCclassIn Grad Circles we always:

– review tools and re-frame them for your current life situations
– explore new practices within the Grad Circle theme
– do a powerful visualization/soul journey to connect with your core and intuition
– re-energize your body/mind/spirit path



Tues., Oct. 2, 2018
TORONTO – My space near Christie Subway Station

Based on the energy that you’re wanting to FEEL this fall, you’re going to choose one habit to cement in your life in the next month. This could be something you’ve desperately wanted in your life for a long time or something completely new to this fall.

I’ll take you through a process to create a powerful mindset/energy around this habit and to logistically activate the habit so it (and the energy it cultivates) will truly take root in your life. By laser-focusing on this ONE on-going action in your life, we can really ensure its success. And the momentum of putting this one habit in place has the power to move mountains.

During the workshop, we’ll: 

Examples of habits you could activate:
– working out 3 times a week
– instituting a “no electronics after 9pm” rule on weeknights
– having a daily present and loving exchange with your partner
– writing a weekly blog
– meditating daily
– cutting out junk-food on the weekdays
– doing one thing that brings you joy each day
– following a monthly budget
– doing a daily soul practice

Cost for in-person workshop (3 hours, limit 10 people): $40 (includes HST)
Tues., Oct. 2 – REGISTER * Or please feel free to pay via E-transfer

**This grad circle is open to guests of grads as well

Wed., Oct. 3, 2018
TORONTO – my space near Christie Subway Station

The work we do — whether we’re a teacher, programmer, activist, manager, parent, healer, or artist — makes up a huge part of our life. That’s why it’s so important that your best, most alive self doesn’t go on a coffee break during “work” hours.

In this workshop you’ll discover the specific energy you need to bring to your work to shift it from draining to fulfilling. You’ll learn tools to stay centered and inspired “at work” (whether that work is home-based or in a large busy office, paid or volunteer).  We’ll explore how to bring the most powerful, creative, and expansive you into what you create/produce, your work relationships, and the vibe you bring to your work environments.

Cost for in-person workshop (3 hours, limit 10 people): $40 (includes HST)
Wed., Oct. 3 – REGISTER Or please feel free to pay via E-transfer

**This grad circle is open to guests of grads as well

Workshop Cancellation Policy: In order to avoid last minute cancellations of workshops because of drop-outs (boo!), those who have signed up will be charged the workshop fee, even if they have to cancel.

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