The Angry Changemaker

The problem isn’t in feeling anger, the problem is in being angry. I talk to my coachees and students a lot about making sure our anger as changemakers isn’t running the show. When some folks hear this, they unfortunately take that to mean they “shouldn’t” feel anger. Well, I’m here to say, HELL NO to […]

Digging in the Dirt

What does a veganic farm and a silent meditation retreat have in common? They both utilize the valuable life skill of digging in. This past week I was literally digging in the dirt helping plant our first veganic farm for the Toronto Vegetarian Food Bank that I help run. Take a watch! Now this […]

Presence Over Perfection

Magnificent One! As folks trying to make a difference in the world, it’s so important for us to connect with and truly reach people. But I used to feel sooo much pressure to make an impact in a conversation or a presentation, that I’d get totally stuck in my head trying to find just the […]

It’s Not Just About the Hustle

Joyful New Year Dear One!  This is the week many folks are back to work after the holidays, and the mood in the air is HUSTLE. It’s like all of society is whispering breathlessly in our ears: Do all the things NOW to make up for your slovenly ways over the holidays! Well, we know […]

Deciding YOUR New Normal

Don’t settle for just getting back to “normal”… Let’s mine your pandemic experience to create your new and IMPROVED normal. As more and more folks are getting vaccinated, it’s pretty damn exciting to see COVID cases plummet and the world around us start to open up again! In fact, it’s proving a little dizzying for […]

F.A.C.E. Tool: Transforming Pain into Fuel

If you’re somebody trying to create change in this world, you’re going to need some powerful techniques to keep you energized and hopeful. Lovely Being! I feel very lucky to be able to work with people like you who have the awareness and compassion that inspires them to make the world a better place. I […]

Falling down too many rabbit holes? Create before you consume

create before you consume

If you’re always running out of time for the meaningful projects in your life, this is the practice for you! Magnificent One! Every new year, I write down my big dreams and goals for the year ahead, and a few years ago, I started to notice that the same ones kept appearing year after year. […]

Want to be a more powerful changemaker? Try being kinder to yourself

See if this feels familiar… You’re someone with a big heart who cares about the world, but this passion often leads to putting a lot of pressure on yourself to do more, to know more, to be more in order to make a difference…and as quickly as possible! These expectations then end up fuelling some pretty nasty behaviour towards yourself… Crappy self-talk, anybody? How about pushing […]

Quiet Joy: The Way to Salvage These Pandemic Holidays

quiet joy

Most of us are heading into a holiday season like none we’ve ever quite experienced. With the pandemic still looming large, many of us aren’t traveling home to see our families (I’ll miss you sweet home Manitoba!) or embarking on the regular holiday shopping pilgrimages or attending big festive parties. Maybe you’re really bummed out […]

Using Curiosity to Get Unstuck

curiosity get unstuck

I had a coachee the other day telling me he’s been feeling pretty stuck and disconnected these days and he wasn’t sure how to start turning it around. I told him: “When in doubt, get curious.”   Curiosity is one of my favorite states of being. I find it so open, so pure…and so instantly […]

Summer Presence Meditation

kimberly carroll meditation

For folks who live in places like I do where there’s a whole lot of winter, summer can be especially sweet. That is…if you’re paying attention. See, when you’re somebody who’s trying to make a difference in the world, you might find yourself getting so caught up in your mission and getting shit done, that […]

Humour as a Tool for Change: Talking with Denise McLeod

humour as tool for change

In this Changemakers Thursday Livestream, we talked with Denise McLeod from the Indigenous all-woman comedy group Manifest Destiny’s Child. We discussed the opportunities, challenges, and some rules-of-thumb for using humour as a tool for social change — from bigger-scale initiatives to a simple social media post.

Making Social Media Empowering For You

making social media empowering for you

Social media can be a vital tool for people who are trying to make a difference in the world, but not if it’s overwhelming and depressing you. ? In the week’s Changemakers’ Thursday Livestream, we talked about how to approach social media in a way that feels healthy and productive. Some topics we covered: – […]

From 80s Supermodel to Changemaker: Talking to Nandinii Sen

supermodel to changemaker

Changemakers Weekly Livestream – June 25, 2020 In the 80s, Nandinii Sen was a wildly popular model in India. Fast-forward to now, and not only is she an actor on hit shows like Amazon Prime’s Made in Heaven, she’s become an amazing changemaker. Nandinii is a well-respected meditation teacher and transformational therapist who volunteers at […]

Tricks to Tame Your TO DO List

to do list

Changemakers Weekly Livestream – June 18, 2020 If you’re actively trying to make a difference in the world, chances are you’ve got an awful big “To Do” list. For many, that list that’s meant to keep you motivated is actually starting to strangle you.  In this Changemaker’s Weekly Livestream, you’ll learn some clever tricks for […]

Having Difficult Convos with Folks You Care About

difficult conversations

Changemakers Weekly Livestream – June 11, 2020 Maybe you know it’s time to have that talk with your brother about his unintentionally racist remarks. Maybe you need to let a close colleague know you’re feeling underappreciated. Maybe you have to let your partner know you need more “alone time”. In this week’s Changemakers Weekly Livestream, […]

Learning to Be with Uncertainty


Changemakers Weekly Livestream – June 4, 2020 We humans aren’t great with uncertainty at the best of times, never mind with a pandemic and civil unrest in the mix. We can do some pretty damaging things in our efforts to ward off uncertainty, in this Changemakers Weekly Livestream, we’ll work with tools to make it […]

10 Ways to Be A More Effective Ally for Racial Justice

racial justice ally

May 3, 2020 Many of us are feeling saddened by the brutal treatment of racial justice protestors this week in the United States. The on-going injustices black people face day in and day out is not an issue to be taken lightly. We feel very scared for those on the frontlines of this movement right […]

A Writing Exercise to Become an Ally to Yourself

ally writing exercise

Changemakers Weekly Livestream – May 28, 2020 We often hear that real power comes from knowing and being deeply connected with yourself. But how the hell do we do that? In this week’s livestream, I’ll take you through a simple but powerful tool for showing up for yourself in challenging times. Becoming a place of […]

How Changemakers are Pivoting in Uncertain Times

changemakers pivoting

Changemakers Weekly Livestream – May 14, 2020 The pandemic has (and continues) to bring challenges to folks trying to make a difference in the world.​ In this casual panel with a cross-section of awesome changemakers (from social entrepreneurs to organizers to teachers), we’ll talk about how they (and their initiatives) have been adapting in order […]