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The summers of life are precious… I hope you’re planning to create some SPACE to really roll around in this August of ours? Even though I’m working this summer, I’ve tried to slow things down to allow for some rest, self-care, and deeper mindfulness. I’m feeling heartened that I can already feel my creative and energetic cylinders starting to fire up more powerfully as a result. Still, I’m going to try to resist the urge to pile on the projects and keep things chill for the next month. 😉

We all need opportunities in our life to explore, nurture, and renew ourselves…it’s how we unfold into our deeper, more expansive selves. Unfortunately, many folks don’t know where to start in this self-work. Or, they have some idea, but don’t have a lot of success sticking with it.

For hundreds of people, my Life Reboot Program has been that opportunity for deep unfolding and powering up.

The 7-week personal growth intensive features an innovative, powerful, and fun daily curriculum and weekly in-person workshop retreats designed to create serious life shifts. It also provides the daily love, support, and inspiration needed to stay on-track and help navigate a journey inward like no other.

From the mouths of my program grads themselves, check out how deep and wide-ranging the gains from this journey are…

“I want you to know that your course changed my life. I left a job that wasn’t the right fit. I got pregnant during the course and now have a beautiful son. I decided to start a business which has become quite a success and has raised $16 MM for charity so far.” – Mary Beth Taylor, Winnipeg, MB

“I tried psychotherapy for many years, yoga, meditation, you name it and all these attempts brought me mild relief. The Life Reboot Program blew the doors off of everything. It pushed me into areas of my life I had buried and forced me to face the demons that were holding me back. After every week I left feeling reborn and at the end I couldn’t believe how much I had changed in such a short amount of time. Even months after I still feel the positive effects from my active time in the program. I can now say I feel I fully embrace life and try to enjoy every moment.” – Candice McNish, The Healthy Herbivore

“I was pretty skeptical at first, but from the moment I began the program I was transformed, and it just got better and better. You’ve helped me to change my life, reconnect, and wake the sleeping giant inside me.” – Christian H., Music Producer/Composer

“I had just finished all of my treatment for breast cancer. I felt lost and imbalanced. Kimberly helped me to identify how I was holding myself back in my life and she did it with such grace, ease and kindness. Kimberly provided me with concrete tools that I can utilize on a daily basis. I feel very empowered and for the first time in my life I feel balanced in mind, body and soul. I now have so much joy in my life with a new sense of clarity and outlook on life. – Charlotte Caunter, Wellness Coach

“I lost over 8 pounds physically and more than 500 pounds mentally.” – Nadine Beaupré, Banking Compliance Manager

“After months of feeling stuck, Kimberly’s coaching helped me break through that wall and tune into what my soul was craving, and to tap into a fire and passion I had been denying for too long. She dares you to live a juicy, fulfilling life…” – Elizabeth Goncalves, Special Needs Counselor

“I just finished Kimberly Carroll’s program. Wow!!  I have learned so much about myself and have overcome some big fears! I am now mending my relationship with my Mother that has been very toxic over the years. I feel a sense of purpose now in my life that resonates with my soul instead of my ego. I learned and have grown more in the past few weeks than over 20 years of psychotherapy.” – Braven Corby, Actor

“Two years ago I did this program inviting true lasting love to enter into my life. Today I am happily married… What can I say?” – Laura Ranieri, senior copywriter, singer-songwriter, Egyptologist

“The biggest bonus of the Life Reboot programs is Kimberly herself and her startling intuition, that can help anyone cut through the crap holding them back. I have done the program twice now and am genuinely impressed and surprised at how I have seen people in my groups change before my eyes over the seven weeks, and how many come away looking lighter and more purposeful than when they came in. I credit her program with providing me a lot of healing and revelation.” – M.M., Radio Producer

“Since starting the course, I have grown to love who I am, as I am, and shed life’s baggage. Kimberly’s program changed my life and perspective completely.” – Trina Stewart, President, Trina Stewart Consulting

“During Kimberly’s program, I decided and accepted that who I was is enough and that I can love who I am.  Upon that revelation, I decided to that it was time again to start showing my husband how much I loved him and sharing with him my sexual side that I had been repressing because of my dislike for myself and body. I feel so much closer to him — almost like we are newlyweds again.” – A.H., Toronto, ON

“I can’t believe how Kimberly and her program has changed my outlook on life. My stress level has shrunk immensely. Before every meeting or whenever I have a spare moment I take a minute or so and close my eyes and see it and feel it.” – Sandi Keith, Business Owner

“For most of last year, getting out of bed in the morning was accompanied by a deep sense of dread and purposelessness for me. During the 49 days of Kimberly’s program, I was up before the alarm so that I could start my day with Kimberly’s email, recording and marching orders. Kimberly’s program helped me understand myself better and really let go of parts of my past that were holding me back. It helped me truly appreciate my blessings, big and small, and revel in little moments of deep love.” – Deepa Rajagopalan, IT Professional / Educator/ Business Owner

“I now eat really healthy, exercise regularly and most important of all have given up the alcoholic addiction. My wildest dreams have already began to unfold….Whoohoo!!!” – Eleanor M., Toronto, ON

“Going through this journey with Kimberly gave me such mental, physical, and emotional clarity about my life, myself, and everything around me. I am finally able to embrace who I am as a person in this world, I feel like I have more control of my life and what I do with it, and I no longer feel like such a ‘victim’. Kimberly’s program has given me such confidence to simply be who I am and know that’s enough.” Jonelle Arendoque, Creative Designer

“Kimberly, thank-you for guiding me into this journey and freeing me up from some of my greatest fears. I can honestly say that I have in a way become a better person than I was a month ago” – Gaby Puga, Alton, Texas

“Prior to this course I was feeling so sad and lost in life as to where I was going and where I belonged. Through this program I have become more loving, accepting and compassionate to myself and others in my life. I have made huge shifts in my life and every morning I awake with love in my heart for the day, for everyone I will meet through the day, and for what experiences I may be challenged with that day. What I was hoping to get through the program was ‘PEACE within in me, and I’m elated to say I found it.” – Vicki Johnston, Administrative Assistant

“Kimberly’s Life Reboot Program helped me to take my personal and professional life to that next level. The entire experience was profoundly life changing.” – Sean Freedman, Account Manager

“I was truly amazed with how comprehensive the program is and with the level of support we all received from Kimberly. The structure and daily support over the seven weeks of the program took me to a much deeper level and I felt like I was finally able to clear and reconcile so much of what I feel has been keeping me back from really showing up in my life. I feel aligned, clear and very peaceful.” – Renée H, Toronto, ON

“I found clarity on what I wanted to do next with my life, and the answers came from learning how to pay attention to what my soul had to say rather than from “external” reasons.” – Marcela Cervantes, Corporate Training Professional

“Kimberly helped me re-define my life’s purpose which helps guide me toward the type of joyful and meaningful life I want to live.  I am extremely grateful to Kimberly for the opportunity to help me transform, so that I can be the Hero of my own life.” – Holly Larson, Teacher & Activist

“Since I took your boot camp, my work life has aligned in the most magnificent ways. I now no longer have a day job, I own my own company, and I’m making more cash than I have ever made in my life!” – Joyce Storey, Event Planner

“As I threw myself wholeheartedly into this program and opened up to all parts of me, shadow and light, my life has magically also blossomed from the outside in, including my health, my relationships and my job. I now not only have everything I have ever wanted, but also regained the capacity to appreciate it fully and be in the moment fully present with all of it.” – Stef C., Sales Professional / Yoga Teacher


If any of these stories from my grads speak to you, I hope you’ll consider joining a Life Reboot journey in Toronto in September.

You can find out all about this 7-week body/mind/spirit adventure HERE.

And if you’re from outside of Toronto but are interested in the Life Reboot, hit reply and let me know, so I can keep you posted on the next online program.

In the meantime, wishing you some beautiful space to drink in the rest of this precious summer!





The Life Reboot Program is a personal development intensive to explore, center, and ignite your life.

You might have tried various courses, books, workshops, therapies, etc. in the past to breakthrough to the next level of your life, but things just didn’t stick. Well, this soulful, practical, and sometimes rowdy body/mind/spirit adventure that uses DAILY work (powerful audio recordings, exercises, & email check-ins) to create shifts on a tangible real-life level, and combines that daily work with intimate and exhilarating weekly workshops (10 people maximum). The result is deep, tangible, and lasting changes. Think of this as your own 7-week personal revolution!

Get ready to:

  • Take on that big dream you’ve been feeling stuck around
  • Stop living on auto-pilot and WAKE UP
  • Bust through stress and anxiety and find a deep sense of peace and contentment
  • Build a customized life game-plan for your most spectacular future
  • Laugh more: lighten up and invite in more joy, fun and creativity
  • Free yourself from self-imposed limits & unleash your full power
  • Invite more love into your life & cultivate deeper, more satisfying relationships
  • Uncover who you truly are
  • Take specific action to help heal the world
  • Love your life


With just the right mix of loving support and kick-ass motivation, I personally guide you through every step of this process to clear out the crap and jump-start your life. The program groups are limited to 10 people, so you receive plenty of individual attention. We do deep, profound work in the Life Reboot Program, but we also have a gut-busting good time doing it. There will be fascinating concepts to explore, but a big emphasis will also be put on life strategizing and practical game-plans. If you’re willing to come to the program with a sense of curiosity and you do the work, your life will change…I’ve seen it happen hundreds of times before.

TORONTO Life Reboot Program – TUESDAYS
begins Sept. 26 – runs daily for 7 weeks
8 in-person workshops – Tuesdays 7-10pm

TORONTO Life Reboot Program – WED.
begins Sept. 27 – runs daily for 7 weeks
8 in-person workshops – Wednesdays 7-10pm


egypt journey

I’m leading a rare, small group journey for women and men of discovery, enlivening, and renewal in the land of the pharaohs this January!

This 10-day growth odyssey (Jan. 13-23), in benefit of Canada’s Animal Justice and the Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals, includes my special transformational workshops, the group’s own awesome Egyptologists, and getting up close and personal with the most magnificent and moving ancient sites in the world.

We’re going to stand together at the foot of the Great Pyramid and Sphinx, dance like Sufis, immerse ourselves in the exotic markets of old Cairo, hot-balloon over the monuments of Luxor, explore village life in Middle Egypt, and sail down the Nile like Cleopatra on a 4-night cruise to explore the hidden gems from Luxor to Aswan.

Let the mystical land of Egypt (with a little help from me!) awaken your most powerful and alive self!

CLICK HERE and let me tell you all about our SOUL JOURNEY TO EGYPT

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I’m also a passionate world citizen & a director with Animal Justice & Toronto Vegetarian Food Bank.

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