5 Awesome Tools for Spring Rejuvenation

As Mother Nature renews herself, here are 5 powerful little tools to help you launch your own spring rejuvenation…

1. Bringing Meaning to Spring Cleaning – You can turn this regularly pain-in-the-ass household tradition into a powerful inner practice. Just choose an area or items to clean that you can attach some symbolic emotional meaning to… If you’re sick of being single and itching for some spring lovin’, how about clearing out those old sweatshirts and love notes from your ex? If finances have been suffering, zero in on cleaning up your desk. If you’ve been feeling sluggish and low, how about washing those grimy windows in your living room? With whatever area you land on, choose a mantra to repeat during this task that will help connect the outer cleansing to inner cleansing, like: “I’m clearing the way for sparkling joy to pour into me!”  Then throw yourself into buffing that window and feel that joy start to percolate in your body!

2. Shedding Your Winter Skin – You might be a little grossed out to realize how many layers of dead skin have built up on your body over the winter. Dry-brushing is a simple, inexpensive, but super-effective detox technique to exfoliate dead skin cells and help your skin BREATHE again. Before you shower, take a brush (a natural fiber brush is optimal, but if that’s not available to you even a rough towel can work), start with brisk upward strokes at your feet and make your way up your body. Use lighter brushes on your neck and face to avoid looking like you got attacked by a raccoon. Jump in the shower to slough off all the dead skin.

3. Revitalizing Habit – Is there a specific action you can commit to doing each day for the rest of the spring season that invigorates and enlivens you? It could be stretching every morning for 5 minutes or eating an extra serving of organic raw vegetables. Other ideas: playing with your fur baby for 10 minutes a day, wearing a colorful item each day, drinking 2 jugs of water a day, or having a daily dance break? Make it something manageable and keep track of how you do in your calendar or journal.

4. Cyber Clutter-Clearing – It’s hard to feel the lightness of spring when you’ve got 10,000 unread messages in your inbox and your smartphone is filled with apps you don’t even remember downloading. Commit an hour to taking on a particularly unwieldy area of your electronics. Same rules apply as with regular decluttering: If you don’t love it or use it, lose it! Or, at least get it off your main devices and onto some external storage. Enter your spring feeling electronically fit and trim!

5. Take it Outdoors – What’s more renewing than fully experiencing nature push the great reset button? So, start taking your ordinary life outdoors as much as possible even if it’s not always “convenient”. Have your morning coffee out on the steps (even if you need to do it under a big ‘ole blanket), take your laptop out to the park (why have a laptop if you never use it anywhere but the office?!) Start drying your clothes outside again. Grab any chance to get out there and feel/see/smell/seize the world awakening!

Let’s jump ON that powerful bandwagon of awakening, invigoration, and action!


“If I had my life to live over, I would start barefoot earlier in the spring and stay that way later in the fall.”
~ Nadine Stair

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